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"It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker, and five days ago I died."
―Liz writing in her diary[src]

Liz Evans (née Parker) is one of the main characters on the WB sci-fi series Roswell. She is portrayed by Shiri Appleby.


Liz is a kind, sweet, intelligent and good person, who is of a very logical nature. She aspires to become a scientist and spends her time waiting tables at her parents' place, the Crashdown Cafe, with her best friend Maria DeLuca . Her other best friend is Alex Whitman, and together the three have always spent all of their time together, a sort of three musketeers unit. This all changes when Liz is meet with the scientifically inexplicable – actual aliens in Roswell.


To move objects without touching them
-Reverse damage to a person body
-Bring someone back to life
Able to see the future
Molecular Combustion
Speed up molecules to a point where they combust
Able to create and possibly control fire


  • Species: Possibly a new member of the Royal Four (Tess's death)
  • Liz's last name in the original Roswell High novels was Ortecho.


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