This page is for the 2019 TV series character. For the book series character, see Liz Ortecho (books). For the 1999 TV series character, see Liz Parker.
"Something broke in me when I lost Rosa and I've been running ever since. But if I could solve this mystery, I might have a chance at feeling at home somewhere again."

Elizabeth "Liz" Ortecho is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is a jaded biomedical researcher and the daughter of undocumented immigrants. Liz is portrayed by Jeanine Mason.


The CW's official character description:[2]

Reluctantly returning to her tourist-trap hometown of Roswell, New Mexico, Liz Ortecho (Mason), a jaded biomedical researcher and the daughter of undocumented immigrants, is haunted by a tragic incident.

Liz is haunted by the death of her older sister Rosa Ortecho ten years before the start of the series. This event led to Liz leaving Roswell, only returning after ten years to visit her father on the anniversary of her sister's death.

Liz's father Arturo Ortecho is an undocumented immigrant, and Liz worries about him getting deported. She suggests that he move to a sanctuary city, and later suggests pursuing legal citizenship.[3] She doesn't report her sister's apparent murderer because it would draw too much attention to herself and her father, putting him in danger of deportation.[4]

Liz has abandonment issues from her mother leaving her and from the loss of her sister. She ran from her fiance Diego before the start of the series.[5] When she starts a relationship with Max, part of her still wants a reason to run away before she gets hurt again. She begins confronting these issues and she tells Max to follow her if she runs again.[6]


Liz and Max were lab partners in high school. Ten years before the start of the series, Liz's sister Rosa got into a car accident and died. Liz later left Roswell, became a biomedical researcher, and got engaged. She broke off the engagement shortly before the start of the series, before returning to Roswell on the ten year anniversary of her sister's death.

Powers and abilities

As a human, Liz has no powers herself.

  • Handprint: When Max places the handprint mark on her, she gets an echo of his feelings.[1] This connection also allows her to locate him out in the desert.[7]


  • Biomedical Engineering: Liz is a biomedical engineer and is competent enough in order to produce a serum from Max's blood that can shut down the powers of aliens.



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  • Liz Ortecho is based on the main character of the original Roswell High books. The version of the character that appeared in the Roswell (1999) series was renamed to Liz Parker.
  • Liz's favorite song is Mrs. Potter's Lullaby by Counting Crows.


"I guess I've been thinking about things I'll miss, and maybe I don't want to miss Max Evans." — Liz to Rosa in a flashback in Pilot.

"Every story varies depending on who's telling it, and my sister's story died with her a decade ago. I would give anything to be able to ask her why she made the choices that she did. To understand her. But like so many who died before their time, Rosa took her truth with her. And I'm left here endlessly searching for it." — Liz's narration in So Much For the Afterglow.

"Every bone in my body is screaming to get the hell out of this town. Run away and never look back. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna find out who killed my sister, and I am gonna bring them to justice. I'm gonna fight like hell. Even if it was Max Evans." — Liz to Kyle in So Much for the Afterglow.

"God didn’t make a trade, Rosa. Max did. And he’s just a man who wanted to do something extraordinary. And he did. He brought you back to life and now I’m gonna bring him back.I chose regenerative medicine as my focus when you died. ‘Cause I was broken, and I wanted to repair the irreparable. It’s an ethics nightmare. I have been spit on by protesters and shut down by the government. I’ve worked on tiny rat hearts my whole life, waiting until someone in power would believe that I could do this with people, too. And over and over, old men on boards have told me to stay in my lane. To calm down. To wait. But I can do this!" - Liz to Rosa on bringing Max back from the dead at the end of Stay (I Missed You).



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