Little Green Men is the third tie-in novel for the Roswell television series.

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Official synopsis from the back cover:

It's Not Easy Being Green
At first it seems amusing when Kyle Valenti's skin takes on a lime-colored hue. But within hours, the hospital has become a disaster area, full of humans who look more like aliens than the real "Scandinavian" occupants of Roswell. Soon, Maria and Alex have joined the club, and Max decides to use his powers to return them to normal. Except his healing touch apparently doesn't work when the trouble is cosmetic, and not life-threatening.
While the military forces the colored population into top secret quarantine camps, Liz searches for a scientific explanation and finds a familiar culprit -- and a new sense of urgency. Within forty-eight hours, this alien contaminant will change the humans' skin permanently, leaving the humans green...and Max, Michael, and Isabel unveiled.

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  • Dr. Donald Bridge
  • Denise, Bridge's nurse
  • Mr. Archer, a patient
  • Anne Haines, emergency room main receptionist
  • Greg Henry, a patient
  • Betty Henry, Greg's wife
  • General Drake

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Type Imprint / Publisher Released ISBN Length
Mass Market Paperback Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster) Apr 2, 2002 0-7434-1836-0 197 pages
Paperback Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster) May 7, 2002 0-7434-5037-X 288 pages

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