Lily Cowles is an American actress who portrays Isobel Evans-Bracken on The CW's Roswell, New Mexico.

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  • She is the daughter of the actress and 15-time Emmy Award nominee Christine Baranski (The Good Wife and The Good Fight) and the late Matthew Cowles.

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  1. Lily tweeted: My sensational birthday present from the Morrison clan: a princetonian whale pin! on September 1, 2009, placing her birthday sometime around then.
  2. Lily tweeted: I'm 23 now (EST), but will I live to see 24? The way things is goin', I don't know on September 6, 2011, placing her birthday after that date.
  3. September 7, 2019: Co-star Michael Vlamis wished her happy birthday on Instagram. Instagram story of the cast celebrating her birthday here and here.
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