Leptokinesis is a power on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


also known as Molecular Manipulation it allows the user to manipulate molecular structures to:

  • Change the shape and form of objects
  • Speed up the molecules in objects or people to successfully heat ,melt, or reduce objects to dust or with enough force cause the object to explode
  • Duplicate anothers appearance, also known as Shapshifting
  • Slowing down the molecules in objects or people to create cooling temperatures
  • Teleportation (books)
  • Speeding up air molecules to create blasts of green energy
  • And possibly manipulate the molecules in the aliens and humans to pass through solid matter.

As well as being an ability in itself Leptokinesis sets the base for the abilities of:


Genetic Manipulation

Also known as gene splicing is an alien ability shared by the Royal Four and Liz Parker, which allows them to manipulate the genetic structures of themselves and others to:

  • Change their own genes to mimic fingerprints
  • Alter the genetic signiture in their brains to scan and store information into their brains and with practice remember things as far back as their past lives
  • Change the genetic signiture in others to create a reversed connection.