Larek is an alien lord from the Five Worlds. He was a good friend of King Zan, and by 2000 was the ruler of one of the Worlds.

Larek was able to communicate with Earth through Brody Davis, an eccentric human male who ran the UFO Center in Roswell, New Mexico. Brody claimed that he had been abducted by aliens, but it's not clear if Larek actually abducted him to prepare him for this role, or if the abduction is simply Brody's way of reconciling the time he loses when Larek takes over.

Brody was good friends with Max Evans, Zan's current life, but Larek claimed this was just a coincidence.


Lord in the Five Worlds

In the late 19th or early 20th century (or possibly even farther in the past), Larek was a good friend of Zan. While swimming at Dimaras Rock one day, Zan and Larek came across the loveliest woman that Zan had ever seen. Zan did not want to approach her, but Larek, amused at his friend's reaction, spoke to her and pleaded his liege's case. Zan eventually found his tongue and married the woman, thus making her Queen Ava.

Larek was among the loyalists who assisted the Queen Mother of Antar in the project to give the Royal Four new lives on Earth. Larek was very familiar with the technology used to bridge the gap between Antar and Earth biology.

The Summit

By 2000, Larek was the leader of one of the Five Worlds, and he steadfastly refused to bow to Kivar's authority. He seems to have kept his world neutral in the conflicts that had plagued the Five Worlds since Kivar's rise, though this isn't clear.

Larek agreed to meet with the other leaders on Earth and took possession of Brody so that he could attend the conference in New York, where he acted as the voice of reason between Kivar and Hannar on the one hand and Kathana and Sero on the other. In spite of how much he hated him, Larek supported Kivar's plan to bring the Royal Four back to Antar to reign as figureheads over the unified Five Worlds. Larek warned Max that he only had an hour to decide, since it was draining the leaders' power to keep the connections to their hosts.

When Max declined Kivar's offer, Larek told him of their past friendship, and noted that Max generally seemed to be an improvement over Zan. Thus, it was even more saddening to see him making the same disappointing choices.

The Hybrid Chronicles

Upon discovering that they were technically clones of preexisting humans and that strange crystals were being found around Roswell, Max, Tess and Isabel attempted to contact Larek through Brody. Although they were successful, Larek warned them that Brody would die within minutes. After learning about the crystals, Larek told them that they needed to leave Earth as soon as possible.

A few days later, Larek took possession of Brody to communicate with the Royal Four, and explained more about the crystals and their dangers. He was unable to provide more assistance, as he once again couldn't maintain the connection without harming Brody.

Bleeding through

Months later, Brody, while attempting to access memories of his "abductions", accidentally tapped into a part of his brain that only Larek used. This resulted in Brody gaining a number of Larek's memories. Brody panicked and took several people hostage as he tried to sort out his memories and his understanding of the Royal Four. It was during this time that he accessed a pleasant memory, the one where Larek had introduced Zan and Ava. Brody was eventually freed and Larek's memories retreated to his subconscious.