This page is for the book series character. For the 2019 TV series character, see Kyle Valenti (2019). For the 1999 TV series character, see Kyle Valenti (1999).

Kyle Valenti is a recurring character in the Roswell High book series. He is a high school student and the son of Sheriff Valenti.


Kyle has brown hair.


Kyle is a jerk. When Liz Ortecho rejects his romantic interests, he torments her, and even says cruel things about her deceased sister Rosa to hurt her. Kyle uses his father's position as Sheriff to threaten Liz and her friends, saying he'll tell his father things and they'll get in trouble.


Kyle was raised by his father, and there's no indication that his mother is around. It's unclear how much Kyle knew about aliens or Project Clean Slate, but he must know some of it since he later uses one of his father's devices that can nullify alien powers.

It's unclear if Kyle knew about Adam, the alien raised at Project Clean Slate who thought of Sheriff Valenti as his "daddy."


Kyle sees the handprint that Max Evans left on Liz when he healed her, and he tells his father about it. This leads to Sheriff Valenti questioning Liz. When the group needs to throw off Valenti, they setup a trap; Liz tells Kyle to call his father because someone's been stabbed, and when Sheriff Valenti arrives, they trick him into believing that the alien who healed Liz and Alex died by driving into a lake.[1]

After Sheriff Valenti's death in the secret Project Clean Slate compound, Kyle is determined to find out why his father has gone missing. He confronts Liz about it, since she was snooping around his house on the last day he saw his father. He begins watching the group, and he becomes enraged with Liz at school and breaks a trophy case. He later kidnaps Maria DeLuca's younger brother Kevin to get answers. The group and Trevor free Kevin, and Trevor steals a Stone of Midnight from Max in the process. He and Max begin using powers to fight each other, which Kyle nullifies with a device. Trevor gets away with the stone. The group finally tells Kyle what happened to his father: that he was killed by Elsevan DuPris.

Kyle later stays at a mental health facility, the Bradley Institute, in Albuquerque, NM. Michael and Maria drive out to talk to him about the device he used, because they need it to destroy the collective consciousness and save Max's life. His only visitor before them had been his aunt. But Kyle refuses to help them. Isabel later enters Kyle's dream to learn where he hid the device: in a boy's bathroom in the high school.[2]


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For the 1999 Roswell television series, Kyle Valenti is portrayed by Nick Wechsler. Unlike the book character, Kyle starts out as a typical sophomore jock. He is mostly concerned with playing football and dating Liz.

For the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series, Kyle Valenti is portrayed by Michael Trevino. Kyle and the other main characters are all aged up ten years, although they still went to high school together, and Kyle has become a surgeon by the start of the series. Like the book character, Kyle was a jerk and bully in high school, but he's grown out of it by the start of the series and tries to make amends with Alex Manes. Unlike the book character, Kyle and Liz dated in high school and Kyle was captain of the football team. His father Jim Valenti passed away four years before the start of the series, and Kyle learns about his involvement with Project Shepherd from the series antagonist Master Sergeant Jesse Manes.


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