"Look, um when my dad was dying, he was barely coherent toward the end there, but he'd repeat this crazy mantra: 'If you see the handprint, go to Manes.'"
―Kyle to Master Sergeant Manes[src]

Kyle Manuel Valenti is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is the son of the town sheriff who learns about the horrible things his family has done in the past. Kyle is portrayed by Michael Trevino.

After discovering a mysterious luminescent hand print on Liz Ortecho's chest, Kyle seeks out Master Sergeant Jesse Manes, and from him learns the truth behind the 1947 UFO crash.



Kyle was born and raised in Roswell. His late father Jim Valenti was the former sheriff of Roswell, and his mother is now the current sheriff.

He and Alex Manes used to be good friends, but they grew apart when Alex's sexuality started to become apparent.[1]

In high school, he dated Liz Ortecho.[2]

After high school, he became a medical doctor and began working at Roswell Community Medical.

Powers and Abilities

  • Medical Doctor: Kyle is a trained medical doctor and works at the Roswell hospital.




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