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James "Jim" Valenti is a character on the science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is Kyle Valenti's deceased father.

Character Edit

Jim Valenti was the type of person to help a teenager in need. He gave Alex Manes his hunting cabin because Alex needed a safe place away from his abusive father, and he helped Rosa Ortecho get sober.

Jim had multiple affairs during his marriage, and he went through a twelve step program twice for drinking problems.

History Edit

Jim knew Master Sergeant Jesse Manes, and they were both aware of the existence of aliens and worked together on Project Shepherd. Their sons Alex and Kyle were friends. Jim was aware of the abuse Jesse gave his son and he tried to look out for Alex.

In 1988, Jim had an affair with Helena Ortecho which resulted in Helena becoming pregnant with Rosa Ortecho, who was raised as Arturo Ortecho's daughter.

In 2008, Jim tried to help Rosa get clean, and he had set up a secret room for her at his hunting cabin.

In 2014, Jim died of cancer. Near the end, he wasn't fully cognizant, such as being unable to recognize his close family members and saying things that didn't make sense. Before his death, he told his son Kyle, "If you see the hand print, go to Manes," although he and Jesse Manes were not close at that point (It was later confirmed Manes sacrificed him to an fatal alien). Before his death, he left his hunting cabin to Alex and did not inform his wife or Kyle.

Plot Edit

Kyle learns from Jesse Manes that Jim was involved with Project Shepherd, which Manes tells him in order to get Kyle to work with him and to get Jim's notes. Kyle later does provide Manes with his father's notes.

In 2018, Grant Green suggests to Liz Ortecho that Jim's death was not natural, that Jim was instead killed due to his knowledge of aliens.[1]

When Kyle investigates to Caulfield prison with Alex and Michael Guerin. He asks about Subject N-38, which was mentioned in his father's letters, and the guard tells him that Subject N-38 causes "violent rapid cancer".[2] From the hard drives that they grab before Caulfield is destroyed, Alex finds footage of Jesse Manes pushing Jim Valenti into Subject N-38's cell, confirming that Jesse caused his cancer and death.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Police training: Jim was a trained sheriff.

Appearances Edit

Jim Valenti has not directly appeared in the series, although he is often mentioned. In episode 1.13 Recovering the Satellites, there is video footage of Jesse Manes pushing Jim Valenti into Subject N-38's holding cell, but Jim is not clearly shown.

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