Jesse Ramirez is a recurring character on Season 3 of WB sci-fi series Roswell. He is portrayed by Adam Rodriguez.


Jesse is a good-natured, caring, driven person. He returns to Roswell to work as a lawyer with Phillip Evans, where he meets Isabel. The two soon develop feelings for each other and Jesse enters into a relationship with Isabel, not knowing her secret. He and Isabel marry after knowing each other four months, but their union is short-lived when Isabel must go on the run from the FBI and leaves Jesse, telling him she wants him to forget about her and have a normal life.


Isabel Evans

Isabel and Jesse met due to the fact that the girl's father is Jessie's boss. Their love was at first sight, and even though Isabel's parents were opposed to their relationship cause of their age difference, they showed them that they were wrong and they got married in the episode  To Have and to Hold. Unlike Liz, her brother Max's girlfriend and Maria, her friend Michael's girlfriend, Jesse, at first, didn't know anything about the true "origins", of his wife. Isabel had not told him anything about who she was, for fear he could leave her. In the soap opera episode, I Married An Alien, Isabel, after seeing an episode of Bewitched, she imagines how would her married life be if Jesse knew about her powers, but she didn't like the result of it, so she decided not to reveal to her husband who she is. In the last episode of the series, called Graduation, Isabel and Jesse plan to move to New York due to the fact that Jesse received a very attractive job offer. Unfortunately, their plans fails because Isabel, her brother Max, her sister-in-law Liz, and their friends Michael, Maria and Kyle, have to run away from Roswell, because the government has discovered their true alien identity. And so in the last episode, the two are forced to give themselves a painful goodbye, despite Jessie, who had asked his wife to escape with them.