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"I feel like bodies are a road map to our lives, you know? Battle wounds. Tattoos are like the scars we choose."
―Jenna Cameron

Jenna Cameron is a supporting character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is a deputy with the sheriff's department and works with Max Evans. Jenna is portrayed by Riley Voelkel.


Jenna has blonde hair and green eyes. She is about 5'9".[1]

Jenna has multiple tattoos. On her foot she has a flower. She has one of a scorpion firing a machine gun. On her left forearm, she has a bird; her sister Charlie has the "other half" of the tattoo, and together they represent "two birds finally uncaged."[2]


Jenna tries to do the right thing even at great cost to herself and her family. When Jenna's loyalties are divided between either helping Max and stopping a killer, or betraying him to help her sister, she tries to do the right thing and helps Max. After firing her weapon to scare of Max's attacker who was using Isobel's body, she takes the fall and says she was fired the weapon to show off, to help keep Max's secret.

Jenna is clever and can take risks. Although she's being blackmailed by Jesse Manes, she circumvents him by going to his son Alex Manes so they can work together and help each other instead.

Jenna jokes and is playful, mostly with Max. When he asks her out on a date to the drive-in, she playfully says that they can also go to the malt shop and he can pin his letter on her sweater. When she catches Max looking particularly upset, she says his brooding level is a teenage girl on a road trip with her grandparents.


At the age of eighteen, she got her first tattoo: the flower on her ankle for her aunt. Jenna served in the military, and on leave with her unit she got a tattoo of a scorpion firing a machine gun.[2]

Jenna's sister Charlie is a whistleblower who is currently serving time for doing so.

Jenna later joined the Chaves County Sheriff's department in Roswell. She and Max began casually hooking up before the start of the series.


Jenna is introduced as Max's partner with the sheriff's department. She brings him footage of the shooting of the Crashdown Cafe and they question Wyatt Long together. She out-shoots Long in a competition and shoots the naked girl mudflaps on his truck.[3]

Jenna gives Max a first edition book since she knew he'd get a "nerd boner" over it. Max asks her to the drive-in, but their date is interrupted when Liz questions Max about his relationship with Rosa.[4]

Following the town-wide blackout, Master Sergeant Jesse Manes goes to Sheriff Valenti, but she refuses to work with him. Manes and Jenna meet as he exits Valenti's office, and he asks for her opinion on the images of the busted transformers. Manes later meets Jenna in a restaurant and tells her that he will help her friend Charlie in return for her giving him access to the sheriff's department.[5]

When Isobel Evans-Bracken has a blackout and goes missing, Jenna gets Max the details on where Isobel's car was found.[6]

Jenna and Max continue to see each other casually. When Jenna unintentionally stays the night at his place, they re-establish that it's just casual between them. A week after the shooting at the Crashdown, Jenna interviews Liz to go over what happened. Jenna also interviews Wyatt Long at the hospital, and she makes Max leave because he gets out of line. She tells Long to write down what he remembers of the events around the shooting, and he draws the same symbol that Max has tattooed on his right shoulder blade. Jenna visits Max and casually asks him about his tattoos, finally revealing what Long drew, but Max walks off. Manes has been continuing to push Jenna for information in return for helping (or hurting) her sister Charlie, and Jenna finally texts him, "Look into Max Evans."[2]

After Alex Manes forces his father to leave town, Jesse Manes meets up with Jenna before he leaves. He tells her to be his eyes and ears while he's gone, and that he needs her to watch his son Alex as well. He reminds her that he can move her sister back into maximum security prison at any time.[7]

Jenna's concerns about Max increase after she overhears Noah Bracken stating that Max should be treated as a suspect regarding Isobel's disappearance. She pulls over Alex Manes because she doesn't want this to go to Jesse and she needs his help. She shows him the files his father gave her, and the information she dug up of related murders that appear to be covered up. Alex calls in Kyle Valenti, and they finally tell her about aliens, and that this appears to be the work of an alien serial killer. She, Kyle, and Alex begin working on the case together.[8]

Jenna teams up with Max to investigate the alien-related murders, and they question Hank Gibbons at the Wild Pony about a murder victim named Carla. When a shooting occurs at Roswell Community Medical, both Jenna and Max rush over to help. After the shooting, they discuss the shooter who's Jenna's barista at Bean Me Up, and that this seems out of character.[9]

Jenna and Max continue to work on the serial killer case. Wyatt Long gives a statement, telling them he saw the murder victim Carla fighting with Maria DeLuca the night she died. Jenna attends Grant Green's UFO Emporium Re-opening Gala where she tells Liz and Isobel that Maria is a suspect. She helps through the night as they try to track the alien who controlled Maria's body. When Isobel is under control, Jenna fires warning shots to save Max.[10]

Jenna brings extra handcuffs for Max to restrain Noah, and she informs him that she's lost her job with the sheriff's department for discharging her weapon at the gala. She couldn't tell the sheriff the truth because it would expose Max's secret, so she took the fall. She's leaving town to move closer to her sister.[11]

Powers and abilities[]

Being human, Jenna does not have any alien powers.

  • Military Training: Jenna was previously in the military.
  • Police Training: Jenna is a trained deputy sheriff.
  • Marksmanship: Jenna is an excellent shot with a firearm.



Jenna is a recurring character in seasons 1 and 2. She is not yet confirmed to return for season 3.

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  • Jenna "was originally intended to be an antagonist, but over the season [the writers'] plans shifted because [they] fell in love with her."[12]
  • Showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie stated that Jenna is her favorite character that she's created.[13]
  • Jenna has some similarities with the character Cameron Winger from the Roswell High book series. They are both manipulated by an antagonist (Jenna by Jesse Manes, Cameron by Sheriff Valenti) to get information about aliens and betray a friend (Jenna with Max, Cameron with Michael). They are both in a love triangle with an alien (Jenna with Max and Liz, Cameron with Michael and Maria). They both have multiple tattoos, including a tattoo of a bird.
  • In March 2021, showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie confirmed that Jenna was named after the book character Cameron.[14]



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