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"All your father wanted to do was to help this world out. And they hung him on a cross for it"
―Hubble on James Valenti[src]

James Valenti, Sr. is a recurring character on Season 1 of WB sci-fi series Roswell.


A former Sheriff of Roswell, James spent his life attempting to prove that aliens are real.

The Roswell Incident (1947)[]

Deputy Valenti at the crash site in 1947

After serving in World War II, James joined the Roswell Sheriff's Department. Deputy James Valenti was at the scene of the Crash in the summer of 1947.[1] Over the next twelve years, James became a father (Jim Jr., born 1951) and eventually Sheriff of Chavez County.

Among Us (1959)[]

On November 16, 1959, Sheriff James Valenti Sr. discovered the corpse of James Atherton.[2] That same year, Valenti investigated the death of an actress who died from a freak lightning strike during the filming of They Are Among Us in Roswell. According to makeup artist Bess Covendall, Valenti's investigations caused 'quite a stir'.[3] Valenti's efforts to uncover the truth earned him the ridicule of the F.B.I. and the nickname "Sgt. Martian". His eight-year old son Jim Jr. was an eyewitness to his father's growing obsession.

The Silo Murder (1972)[]

The Sheriff takes the fall, 1972

In 1972, Valenti met Everett Hubble. Valenti learned that Hubble's wife was killed in the same manner as Atherton; the killer leaving no marks other than a silver handprint. Hubble convinced Valenti that the killer had disguised himself as a drifter, and the two men tracked the suspect to a silo. Hubble shot the drifter, but Valenti took the fall. Valenti lost his job as Sheriff, beginning a slow slide into dementia.[4] Jim Valenti, Jr. was eventually forced to put his father in a home, where his visits have since become less and less frequent.

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