It's Too Late and It's Too Bad is the 18th episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Liz and Maria are putting together a tribute to Alex for the school yearbook. Liz is intrigued when Mr Whitman mentions receiving flowers from Alex's host family, the Olsons, even though they've never spoken to them. Liz checks Alex's computer and finds a locked file consisting of the words "Leanna is not Leanna" repeatedly. Next day at school, Liz shows Derek, one of Alex's classmates, the number on the receipt. He says it's binary but there's no way to tell what it means. Max tries to talk Liz out of investigating on her own, saying she's drawing attention to them, but Liz insists with no-one else believing Alex was murdered she has to act on her own.

Maria is taking photos for the tribute collage but Liz is more interested in telling her her theory that the "Leanna is not Leanna" message, which Alex wrote while in Sweden, is what the binary means. She thinks it means Leanna is an alien but Maria suggests she could have simply lied to him. With Liz distracted, Michael offers to help Maria out. He later gives the rest of the Royal Four an update on Liz's investigation. Isabel mentions she has a good chance of getting into college in San Francisco but gets little reaction from the others, especially Max.

Max and Tess discuss the fact they kissed; Max is reluctant to go any further since he thinks it will be accepting the truth of their home planet, which has always felt like a dream to him. Michael offers to talk to Isabel for Max about college. Max admits that he can't handle the possibility that Alex died because of them. He says he's beginning to think Michael was right about their lives on Earth not being their real lives. Michael says he's beginning to think he was wrong.

Liz asks Sean for advice on breaking into the school, but doesn't tell him why. Sean goes with her and Liz photocopies the details of Alex's Sweden trip. They are caught by a security guard, who calls Hanson. Sean claims he suggested they broke in to try and get Liz in the mood. Hanson lets Liz off with a warning and takes Sean away.

Valenti mentions the incident to Max, who tries to take Liz to task without success. Tess takes him to an observatory and shows him a star that is also visible from their home planet, assuring him that it is real and their life on Earth is the dream. Michael tries to talk Isabel out of going to college, saying they have to stick together, but she refuses to take orders from him or Max.

Maria endures an awkward talk with the yearbook editor, Deb, over her delay in getting the collage ready. She angrily confronts Liz over her lack of help and takes back the "evidence" Liz has gathered. She says Liz is so obsessed with her investigation she doesn't care who she hurts, like Sean. Liz goes to see Sean and apologises for getting him into trouble: Amy and Valenti interceded on his behalf and he got community service. She says they can't spend time together but gives him an apologetic kiss.

Max tries to convince Isabel to go to Sante Fe university instead but she is adamant she goes to San Francisco. Max tells her he will do everything he can to keep her there, including making it look like she has a drug problem or cheated at her tests and physically forcing her to stay. Isabel angrily tells him her life is over, burning her references and using her powers to send a jock who makes a comment about it flying.

Liz rings the number for the Olsons in the file but the people there have never heard of them. She also calls Stockman at the Swedish Embassy who asks her to send him a copy of the photo of Alex and Leanna so he can identify the building in it. She goes to see the florist about the flowers but he won't give out the credit card details. Liz finally decides to go to Sweden herself, drawing all the money out of her account. Max tries to stop her going but she refuses to obey his orders, even if it means their friendship is over.

Michael forgets a meeting with Maria and she tells him she can't handle him being the perfect boyfriend when he'll leave one day. Michael visits Amy who is fixing the garbage disposal. In a double meaning conversation, Michael asks why she sticks with it when it might be gone one day and Amy says the relationship works for the moment and tomorrow can be worried about another time. Michael uses his powers to fix it, letting Amy think she did it. He goes back to Maria and tells her she's right but he's there for her now. He helps her with the collage.

Tess finds Max in the observatory. He says he's lost everyone but she tells him he'll always have her. They make love. Meanwhile, Liz is about to get on the plane when she gets a call from Stockman: The building in the photograph was demolished in 1994. Liz realises Alex never went to Sweden.


  • The title is a line also found in the song "Don't Think Of Me" off of "No Angel" by Dido, who also provides the theme song for the series.




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