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This page is for the 1999 TV series character. For the book series character, see Isabel Evans (books). For the 2019 TV series character, see Isobel Evans-Bracken.

"I never really played well with others"

Isabel Evans is one of the main characters on WB sci-fi series Roswell. She is portrayed by Katherine Heigl.


Isabel is a very visibly, popular girl at school. She hides her kind side beneath a front of haughtiness and seems cold and unfeeling - she is the perfect, unknowable, unobtainable beauty. On the outside, she is the most outgoing of the three Hybrid and blends in with the human society with ease. While Michael is a rebellious loner and Max is shy and quiet, she is an active participant in social activities and altogether a very confident person. However, deep down she craves for stability and security, longing to fit in and be a "normal" girl like Liz and Maria are. Alex Whitman was the first person to see though her façade but their relationship was slow to develop. Though she attempted to move forward briefly in denial when she found out she was intended to be with Michael.

She backed away from him once their “destiny was revealed and she dated other people. Isabel was devastated to learn she betrayed her family in her former life and tried to hide it. Tragically, Isabel only realized the depth of her feelings for Alex a few days before he was killed. She was in deep denial about his death and was bedridden for days. She was haunted by his ghost for a long time out of guilt. This did give her an opportunity to express her love for him, which she never had the courage to do when he was alive. This ghost encouraged her to let him go and marry Jesse Ramirez, which she finally did. Isabel proves quite willing to use her feminine wiles to influence others. After Alex’ passing she become close friends with Kyle Valenti and looked up to Jim Valenti as a father figure. Though she objected when Max told Liz the truth she desperately wanted to include her mom and Jesse prior to her marriage. Out of all the Hybrids, Isabel has expressed the least interest in returning home and seems content on Earth.



In her former life she was Vilandra, the Princess of the planet Antar. She was widely accepted as the most beautiful woman in the Five Worlds. She was the sister of King Zan (Max) and was betrothed to his Second-in-Command Rath (Michael). But Vilandra was very self-interested and betrayed their trust by having an affair with Kivar, the leader of the revolt. She let the rebels into the capital and wound up getting them all killed. Though it is revealed later that Kivar deceived her into thinking he only wanted to force their surrender without bloodshed. Her death at that time was possibly accidental. Their DNA along with Queen Ava (Tess) was salvaged by the Queen Mother and mixed with human DNA and sent to Earth to preserve their bloodline.

She and the others arrived on Earth during the 1947 crash as Human / Alien Hybrids. They spent 40 years maturing in the Pod Chamber before three of them emerged (leaving the sleeping Tess behind). Max and Isabel were together as they wandered the desert. Michael took a while to work up the courage to approach them. But when a car approached Michael ran off. Therefore they were the only ones found by the couple who would later officially adopt them. Isabel would not see Michael for three years and according to Max she would often cry due to worry for his safety. She was the one to find him again in the cafeteria at school. They made a solemn vow never to use their powers in public or tell anyone the truth though Isabel desperately wanted her mom to know.

Season 1

To her shock Isabel learns from Michael that Max has broken their cardinal rule. He used his powers to save the life of the girl he loved Liz Parker when she is shot in a crowded restaurant. He made a clumsy effort to conceal the evidence and fled the scene but was forced to reveal everything to Liz to earn her trust. But the risk was great, given that Liz was dating Kyle Valenti, son of the local Sheriff Jim Valenti, who later pulled them over and asked them questioned. Liz warned Max that the Sheriff was close to arresting Max and the aliens decide to skip town. They discuss a picture Liz had been shown suggesting another alien had been in Roswell and committed murder in 1959. They are stopped by Liz and her best friend Maria DeLuca whom she had let in on the secret. Liz comes up with a clever ruse to divert suspicion from Max and it is just effective enough to prevent them from being in immediate danger. (Pilot)

At first, Isabel is hostile towards the humans who know her secret, but this is because she is afraid of the power they suddenly hold over her. Maria DeLuca, the best friend of Liz, is rather nervous after learning the new alien-are-among-us-knowledge. Isabel is concerned and she has large fear that Maria could betray them. Therefore, she walks into Maria's dreams to find out. Maria earns Isabel's trust when she refuses to tell Sheriff Valenti Isabel's true identity. She, Liz, and Maria form bonds of friendship over the following year. It starts when Isabel helps Maria at the Crashdown Café when Maria is in a sticky situation while Liz is unable to work with her grandmother sick in the hospital; showing that Isabel has feelings like any other human. (She notes she would want someone to help out if she had to be at the hospital with a loved one and couldn't do her normal commitments).

In the episode "Heat Wave", after going into Alex's dreams one night and seeing the two of them dancing together, Isabel starts to wonder if Alex can be trusted with their secret. She almost tells him at an illegal party, but despite his infatuation with her, Alex mistakes her tentative conversation about trust as a sexual advance, which hurts her. When Alex and Liz are arrested by Sheriff Valenti after attending the party, Alex asks Liz what is going on as he is tired of feeling left out, lied to, and used. Isabel tells Max that she thinks they should have told Alex the truth. Max is surprised at her change in attitude towards Alex. Liz admits the truth to Alex, but he only believes when Isabel shows him some of her abilities. Over the following episodes, Isabel grows closer to Alex, but rebuffs his romantic advances because she is afraid of opening up to someone.

Isabel and Michael share a very close friendship, almost bordering on the brother/sister bond she has with Max. While she is often stuck between Max and Michael's extremely different viewpoints on the world, she respects Max's desire for control and caution while understanding Michael's need to find out where they come from. She is fiercely protective of Michael when he falls seriously ill and shows her care for him in his vision by kissing his cheek and hugging him. She also helps him one night when he believes he can send a signal to the fourth alien,, and is genuinely afraid for him when it's revealed that Hank, Michael's foster father, has been beating him.

An essential point in their relationship comes when the two begin to have strange, erotic dreams about one another. At one point they think she might even be pregnant with his child through some alien dream connection. Isabel is confused and frightened by this: she's always seen Michael as her brother/best friend. They seem to reject this concept, but it throws both off balance. They are still struggling with this as the first season comes to a close.

Isabel is very close to her mother, and hates lying to her about who she really is. She believes that her mother's love for her and Max is unconditional, and is desperate to tell her the truth. However, both Max and Michael are firmly unwilling to let an adult in on the secret. Even when Diane Evans pleads with Max to tell her the truth, he will not, and this breaks Isabel's heart when she finds out.

Isabel, as well as being his sister, is also Max's friend and confidant. She often reminds Max of all sides of an argument when it comes to his relationship with Liz. In some ways, she encourages him; in other ways, she holds him back. Though she relies heavily on him as leader and brother, he can also lean on her when he needs to. His capture and torture terrify Isabel.

As the season progresses, Isabel begins to put aside her ice-queen personality in favor of the inner Isabel. She also becomes a much stronger personality—she uses her strength to help rescue Max from the White Room, and as the season ends, it's clear that Isabel is growing up into a strong, fearsome woman, while still retaining her caring, sweet inner self.

Season 2

The second season starts with the murder of the alien Nasedo. Before dying he proclaims that one of their worst enemies has arrived in Roswell: the Skins. As they don't know where the danger comes from, they all try to behave normally.

Max and the others throw her a surprise birthday party, but Isabel has strange flashes. Isabel rescues Tess and kills Congresswoman Whitaker, who turns out to be one of the enemy Skins. Isabel does not reveal the information that Whitaker gave her about her past to Max, and this begins to drive a subtle wedge between the sister and brother. Isabel begins to secretly fear that her role will be as a betrayer of her brother and her people. At the same time, Isabel is intrigued by geologist Grant Sorensen and they start dating.

The battle with the Skins heats up when they destroy the Skins' headquarters in Arizona. Before the destruction, Nicholas, one of the Skins, repeats the message from Whitaker. Nicholas wants to take her back to Kivar, the leader of the rebellion on their home planet. In her past life, she was in love with him and she sacrificed Max's (Zan's) kingdom for him. She escapes in time, but the knowledge he told her haunts her.

Max will not find out Isabel's identity until the group meets the scrupulousness dupes.

Isabel's visions of people in trouble disturb her and she turns to Max and Sheriff Valenti for help. She sees a mysterious young girl, who was kidnapped and buried alive. A race against time begins, but they can save the girl in time. Grant Sorensen begins to act suspiciously and comes to a bad end. A very painful experience for Isabel, who feels responsible for his death.

After the gang meet the dupes, Lonnie (Isabel's dupe/clone) finally tells Max the truth about Vilandra, so that Max can come with them to New York. Max is outraged and blames Isabel for not apologizing to him, and thinks that she is responsible for what happened on Antar and their deaths. Max and Isabel get into a heavy argument and, in anger, Max nearly threatens her until Michael comes to her aid. Once Max leaves, Michael and Isabel shake hands, revealing that the two were actually Rath (Michael's dupe/clone) and Lonnie in disguise. During the time Max is in New York, Isabel and the others learn through Ava (Tess' dupe/clone) that Rath and Lonnie are planning to kill Max as they did to Zan (Max's dupe/clone). Later, Isabel uses her power, and, with Liz's help, they are able to save Max from a falling scaffolding. After Max returns from New York, Max tells Isabel that she is his sister no matter what happens and they make up.

When Alex returns from his exchange student trip to Sweden, Alex acts more self-confident and mature, and Isabel sees him with new eyes. She finally understands that Alex is the man of her dreams. But Alex dies just as they start developing a relationship. His death shocks Isabel and the others. She keeps seeing him in dreams and in those dreams he helps her to find some peace in mind. He will be her guardian until season 3. Isabel's bond with Max becomes strained again, because Isabel wants to go college outside of Roswell; Max and Michael are furious about her choice. Max threatens Isabel, saying that if she leaves without his permission, he will tell their mother that she is crazy and that she cheated on her test. A tearful Isabel burns her test and tells Max that she will no longer follow him as king. She then teams up with Kyle and they together pull pranks on Max.

All this changes, shortly after Isabel learns from Max that Tess is pregnant and the baby is dying. Isabel and Max forgive each other, and Michael tells them that he discovered how to go back to Antar. Before the departure to their home planet, Isabel, Max and Michael are stopped and rescued by Liz, Maria ,and Kyle.The two girls and Kyle find out that Alex was actually killed by Tess. It's revealed that Tess had a hidden agenda. She wanted to betray Isabel, Max ,and Michael to Kivar, due to a deal made by their former protector Nasedo with Kivar 40 years ago. AInthe end, the three stay on earth while Tess leaves with the spaceship.

Season 3

At the start of season three, Isabel meets and falls in love with an associate at her father's law firm. His name is Jesse Ramirez and they begin a secret relationship, due in part to the age difference between them (Isabel is 18 and Jesse is 26), as well as her secret identity as an alien.

Even though her parents and friends are at first against it Isabel marries Jesse a couple of months later, though she doesn't reveal her alien secret to Jesse. Her parents are furious over her decision to marry so young and plan not to attend the wedding, However, Max later convinces them to go and Isabel's mom gives her the dress that she also wore on her wedding day (and her own mother before her). Before her wedding, Isabel starts to have visions sent by her former lover Kivar, the rebellion leader and usurper of the throne on their home planet.

During the honeymoon, Kivar appears and he tries to seduce Isabel to come back to their home planet, Antar. However, Michael and Max find out from Kyle and they try to stop him, but Vilandra (Isabel's old personality on Antar) takes over Isabel. She shows Kivar where Max and Michael are hiding. That's when Michael remembers that Vilandra never truly betrayed her brother, that she thought Kivar meant well. Kivar knocks out Max and Michael, then Isabel and Kivar walk to where he starts a portal. Jesse shows up and Isabel knocks him out with a branch. Then, as they're about to step in the portal, Isabel's eyes turn normal and she pushes him into the portal, threatening his life if he ever comes back to Earth, that she would kill him herself.

Jesse feels something isn't right but he can't prove anything. When Erik, an old friend of his, comes to visit, he gets more paranoid and Erik, who is a reporter, starts to investigate. He doesn't need much time to find out Isabel is an alien. Jesse doesn't believe the story though and sends his friend away for betraying his trust. This worries Isabel even more about her secret.

In an incident at the Meta Chem factory, Michael's colleague and good friend Monk is killed. Max, Michael and Isabel have to go on the rescue when Valenti gets in trouble investigating the murder. Everything goes wrong. Max gets in trouble, dies, and survives after a resurrection. Between Max's death and resurrection, Isabel gets shot leaving the factory, while Isabel and Michael tried to kill the people responsible for Max's death with their powers. In order to prevent Jesse from calling an ambulance, Michael finally tells him about their origin. Isabel survives with the help of Jesse, Michael, Kyle, and Valenti. However, it's Michael that was lucky enough to save her. He is able to heal Isabel's wound because Michael is now king and has all the powers of the king, because Max died.

Jesse does not get on with the fact that Isabel didn't tell him about her true identity. He also can't deal with the fact his wife is an alien. He goes to a therapist and even goes to live someplace else for some time. When Max and Isabel learn that her parents are stalking them, Isabel tells them a variant of the real truth regarding why Tess left. She tells them that it was because she was pregnant with Max's son and Max was so angry that Tess left, in his anger he destroyed the jeep. Although the parents believe it, her dad later thinks otherwise and she becomes a suspect.

With everything going on, Isabel gets very upset and angry. She uses her powers in her childhood bedroom, where they are recorded by a secret camera, hidden by her parents.

When Isabel is forced to tell the truth about Max and herself to her parents, Jesse eventually supports her.

At the end of the series, she and the others are forced to flee from the government, just as Jesse is offered a job in Boston. He tries to go with her, and tells her that she is more important than anything, but she refuses to let him do it, knowing that she is the reason his life was messed up. However, they both hope to be able to meet again in the future.



Max Evans (Brother) - Max always prioritized keeping them safe growing up above all else. He insisted they not use the powers in public and not let anyone in on the secret. This was why she and Michael respected him as their leader, even though he was he younger brother. The one exception she wanted to make was she wanted her mother to know everything, but the other two always refused. Those rules kept them safe and undetected until Max threw it all away to save Liz Parker. Isabel may never have entirely forgiven Max for that because they were constantly in danger of exposure ever since that day. There was a time when they grew distant after she found out she had betrayed her family in her previous life and was trying to hide it, but he decided not to hold it against her. They got into a nasty argument after Alex died and she immediately decided to attend college far away. He refused to let her make such a hasty decision while she was so emotional and they were on bad terms until she found out about the pregnancy. She also agreed to follow him home to support her brother, even though of the Hybrids she had the least interest in returning home. Max would frequently turn to her for advice on women and the two of them mostly seemed to be very close as siblings.

Philip Evans (Adoptive Father) - The couple who adopted Isabel and Max were the same people who found them wandering in the desert. Isabel was much closer to her adoptive parents than Max ever was. When Isabel began seeing Jesse, who worked in her father’s office, they tried to hide it because she knew he would disapprove. When her dad became suspicious of Max and began investigating his secrets, Isabel gave her dad a cover story. In the end her dad included Isabel is his list of suspects, even though the story she told him was reasonably close to the truth. Her parents threatened to boycott her wedding until Max convinced them Isabel would never forgive them for it. It was only after the return of Tess that they had to reveal the whole truth.

Diane Evans (Adoptive Mother) - Isabel was extremely close to her adoptive mother. Isabel really wanted her mother to know the truth about her so she could be open about everything. But Max and Michael always denied her permission. There was an occasion where she got quite suspicious of Max after he put out a kitchen fire with his powers. To her disappointment Max convinced their mother to let the matter drop without revealing the truth. Their mom also assisted their dad in his investigation of Max. She planted a hidden camera in Isabel’s room which revealed her abilities to them. In the end her parents did prove trustworthy and accepted their children despite being from another planet. Sadly, they were forced to part ways a short time later and were no longer able to maintain regular contact.

Jesse Ramirez (Husband) - Isabel met Jesse at a party at her father’s office and according to her it was love at first sight. They kept their relationship a secret for quite a while because they knew it wouldn’t be approved of. Gradually Isabel’s friends found out. Her human friends were generally supportive. But she had made an agreement with Max and Michal no to let anyone else in on the secret after Alex’ death and they refused to grant her an exception. Isabel’s commitment issues cropped up again when she realized Jesse was considering marriage. Isabel was still clinging to Alex’ ghost but when Jesse proposed she finally managed to break free of those things and accepted. Her parents were not supportive and threatened to boycott the wedding but Max warned them Isabel would never forgive them if they did. They went through with the wedding without Jesse knowing the truth. When Kivar turned up and tried to lure Vilandra back home it was Jesse who finally brought her back to her senses. Of course, once they lived together Jesse couldn’t help but noticed many unusual things about his wife and Isabel became increasingly worried about being rejected when he discovered the truth. Michael was forced to reveal everything when Isabel was shot and nearly died. It took him a while to accept the truth and he was so freaked out he moved out for a few days. But in the end he chose to help Isabel, even killing a member of the Special Unit to protect her. But Isabel was haunted by guilt for keeping him in the dark before the wedding. When her group left town she insists that Jesse stay behind and get on with his life. Though both of them hoped it would be safe to meet again one day.

Liz Parker (Sister in Law) - Isabel always knew about Max having feelings for Liz Parker, he made no effort to hide them. But she was outraged when Max violated their first rule to hide their powers when he healed a mortally wounded Liz in a crowded restaurant. They immediately came under intense scrutiny by the Sheriff and even more dangerous people. Isabel was slow to accept humans as part of the group. She was not a big supporter of Max and Liz at first because it had been clearly demonstrated that Max’ feelings for Liz led his judgment to be compromised. Isabel seemed to be closer to Alex than Liz and Maria but was still fond of them. Liz played a key role in helping her save Max when he was betrayed by their counterparts in New York. When Liz insisted an alien was responsible for Alex’ death she was furious at first. But the more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed, but she and Max didn’t want to believe it. But when Liz finally uncovered the truth it saved them from walking into a trap on their home planet. Isabel was thankful her human friends were supportive of her relationship with Jesse and helped her plan her wedding. Isabel was no doubt grateful for the role Liz played in Max’ resurrection. Liz later saw a vision where they would all be killed and they fled Roswell before it could happen. Isabel attended Max and Liz’ wedding in a small church.


Michael Guerin - Isabel first saw Michael in the desert shortly after they left The Pod Chamber. They became separated after the adoption, According to Max he would often hear her crying at night, due to worry for his safety. It was Isabel who found him again three years later in the cafeteria at school. Isabel seemed to feel a protective instinct towards Michael, who clearly had no proper adult looking after him. It was Michael who first told her that Max had broken their number one rule by saving Liz, even though it was usually Max and Isabel cautioning Michael against taking reckless actions. Isabel helped Michael attempt to make contact with Nasedo, even though she seemed to agree with Max that he might be dangerous. When Michael got very sick after visiting River Dog, Isabel just about went to pieces with worry for him and began snapping at her friends. Isabel and Max encouraged Michal to accept help from their father when his foster situation got bad, which he finally did. Isabel said on more than one occasion that she thought of Michael as a brother like Max. Therefore she was disturbed when their alien instincts led them to have unwanted erotic fantasies about each other and she even thought briefly she might be pregnant because of them. She found out a short time later that they were designed to be paired together but there was never any indication her feelings towards Michael changed one bit. There were times when Isabel would offer his advice and help on his relationship with Maria which saved him from a break-up more than once. When Isabel was shot and nearly died it was Michael who awakened Max’ inherited Healing power and saved her life.

Maria DeLuca - Isabel wasn’t happy when Liz let her best friend in on their secret shortly after learning it herself. At first it seemed a reckless decision, Maria was disturbed by the idea of knowing aliens. Isabel’s habit of constantly toying with her powers made her very nervous and she seemed ready to snap. In the end she calmed down and turned out to be totally trustworthy. Over time, Isabel came to appreciate finally having female friends who knew everything about her. They were good friends but Maria never seemed quite as close to her and she was to Michael and Max and they weren’t shown to spend much time alone together. Among her friends Isabel more often hung out with Alex and Tess, then later Kyle during season 3

Tess Harding (Formerly) - When Tess first arrived in town, she chose to approach Isabel first, as a way to ingratiate herself with the group before revealing her true identity. The girls had a great deal in common and they quickly became friends. She was a little disturbed when she found out she was an alien, as it turned out one just like them. But Tess earned her gratitude by playing a key role in rescuing Max from the Special Unit. Tess quickly became her closest female friend. Their connection may have played a role in leading her see visions when Tess was captured and tortured and Isabel risked her life to rescue her. Isabel was one of the most devastated in the group when it was revealed her close friend had betrayed them all and murdered her boyfriend. When Tess returned later Isabel voted to hand Tess over, even though it would mean Tess would spend the rest of her days being tortured and experiment on.

Kyle Valenti - Kyle was a bit of a pain to them at first, following them around after Liz dumped him, trying to learn their secrets. After he was saved by Max and he learned the truth he found it disturbing and tried to avoid being around them at first. It is notable they were both quite close to Tess (but not so much to each other at the time) and were no doubt both deeply hurt by her betrayal. The two weren’t close until the third season when Kyle became the first to learn about her secret relationship with Jesse. Kyle kept their secret and offered her support and helpful advice, which she deeply appreciated. She came to rely on Kyle as a friend who she liked to hang out with and could confide in. It is revealed to the audience that Kyle had fallen in love with Isabel, but he knew she was happily married and kept his mouth such about it. At the end of the series they were part of the group that went on the run, leaving Jesse behind. It is unknown if their relationship ever evolved past platonic in the future.

Jim Valenti - In the early days when the Sheriff was investigating Max he seemed to make her nervous and uncomfortable. That changes as he seemed to see the error of his was and helped them rescue Max from the Special Unit. They earned his unyielding loyalty when Max saved the life of his son. They all seemed to appreciate having an adult they could trust in a position to help and protect them. When Isabel started seeing visions of a girl being kidnapped and buried alive, he took a great career risk in order to help rescue and protect the girl. But the investigation led to questions about Isabel’s involvement that he couldn’t answer. That caused the Sheriff to lose his position and she and Max felt quite guilty about that. When her parents were boycotting her wedding to Jesse, she asked Valenti to walk her down the aisle. He was deeply touched and agreed at once, but willingly stood aside when her parents changed their minds about attending. When he was kidnapped near the end of the series they risked their lives to rescue him, in the process Max died and Isabel was shot and also nearly died.


Alex Whitman - Alex agreed as a favor to let them take his blood so Max could avoid detection in the hospital. They were concerned he might reveal something in his ignorance. Isabel used her Dreamwalking ability on him. She saw herself in being romanced by Alex. It was clear Alex could see through the icy facade she presented at school and recognized her vulnerable side.  Max noted she was visibly blushing the next day. Isabel made it a point to get to know him better and told Max Alex could be trusted with their secret. Things were uncomfortable because Alex clearly wanted a romantic relationship; while Isabel had insisted they remain platonic. Isabel felt she had to make a flimsy excuse to share their first kiss and clearly liked it, though she pretended it wasn’t anything special. Alex expressed a protectiveness of her which she found flattering. When she began to see visions implying she was supposed to be paired with Michael she abruptly agreed to be Alex’ girlfriend. However, after their destiny as the Royal Four was made clear she ended their relationship to protect him. Alex was gone for a while and retimed with a new maturity and was no longer obsessive about her, which she clearly noticed. Isabel seemed to wake up to her true feelings for Alex before prom and practically had to beg a reluctant Alex to take her.  Unlike before, she was totally invested in their romance, but it was short-lived because of his death and was one of the most deeply affected. Isabel created an illusionary Alex to keep her company until she was finally able to let go of his memory and move on. .

Grant Sorenson - Grant was a good-looking geologist who arrived in Roswell for work. Isabel made no effort to hide her interest in him, even in front of Alex. However, their relationship was slow to develop due to his increasingly erratic and suspicious behavior. In particular the evidence that tied him to the kidnapping of Laurie Dupree. Eventually it was revealed that Grant had been infected by an alien parasite which was controlling his actions without his knowledge, which led to Grant’s death. Isabel felt guilty because they were unable to do anything to help him.


The Hybrids were created by mixing human DNA with cells from their previous life on another planet. They are capable of accessing abilities beyond the current level of human evolution.

  • Leptogenesis - The ability to manipulate the molecular structure of objects. Isabel was particularly skilled at this because she is constantly using it for things like changing the color of her nail polish.
  • Technopathy - The ability to manipulate electronic devices. Isabel used this power to toy with Maria’s car, which freaked her out.
  • Dreamwalking - This is a unique ability that allows her to visit the dreams of other people who are sleeping or drugged, with or without their knowledge.
  • Thermokinesis - The ability to heat or melt objects, Isabel uses it to melt the cheese on her food at times.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects or people with a wave of their hand. Isabel used this ability to clear guys from a room while a girl was undressing and shut the door.
  • Connecting - The ability to see flashes of memory, revealing the true thoughts and feeling of the person you have intimate contact with. Isabel implied she had a flash during her fist kiss with Alex.
  • Projection- This power is unique to Isabel. It allows her to make her imagination come to life. Isabel uses this power to play music.
  • Clairvoyance - The power to see powerful visions after making physical or telepathic contact with certain objects of people. Isabel has seen visions when girls have been taken prisoner near Roswell.
  • Soul Projection - The ability to project an image of yourself or someone you touch into the mind of your target. Isabel used this to warn Max of danger despite him being across the country.


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