"Oh great. Another one being sucked into the alien abyss."
―Maria on Alex and Isabel

Into The Woods is the twelfth episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


The annual Roswell High father's camping trip takes place in the same wooded area of a recent UFO sighting. Max and Isabel convince their father they want to participate in the camping trip, in real hopes they will be able to get close to the UFO sighting area. Liz and Maria accompany Liz's father on the camping trip. Once there, the two realize Max needs help and decide to get involved in the search for the UFO sight. Valenti also accompanies Kyle on the trip, but is torn between work and his son when he realizes he can use the weekend to spy on Max. Valenti follows the kids into the woods as they begin their search for the UFO sighting.

Meanwhile, River Dog comes to Michael telling him the UFO sighting was real. He and Michael venture out to investigate, only to run into Max and Isabel at the place of the sighting. Together, they discover a symbol burnt into the ground. When Valenti finds the kids and River Dog in the woods, Max makes the symbol disappear and pretends to be lost. Confused, Valenti visits his father in the nursing home, telling him he thinks he may have been right all along — that there is alien life in Roswell.


"I'm sorry, Michael, but I'm not your father."
River Dog


  • Michael heals River Dog's broken ankle, which means River Dog might also have powers someday
  • Alex asks Isabel to a movie, but when she realizes it's a date, she tells Alex what Max and Michael tell Liz and Maria: that it can't be.




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