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I'll Stand By You is the fifth episode of season 2 of Roswell, New Mexico and the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on April 13, 2020.


Official synopsis:

ACCEPTING REALITY — The discovery of some complications with Max’s (Nathan Dean) pod forces Liz (Jeanine Mason), Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) to confront the possibility that they may not be able to save him. Elsewhere, Maria (Heather Hemmens) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) make amends. Kimberly McCullough directed the episode written by Alanna Bennett & Jason Gavin (#205). Original airdate 4/13/2020.

Plot summary[]

Act 1[]

In a flashback to 2002, Max and Isobel ride their bikes to find Michael, which is their first reunion since Max and Isobel were adopted. Michael is angry and tells them to leave him alone. Max offers to meet him at the Crashdown Cafe if he changes his mind.

Rosa and Liz hang out in their bedroom above the Crashdown. The radio shorts out, and Liz realizes Rosa has developed electromagnetic powers. Rosa thought it was related to the handprint, and she realizes the handprint is fading, and Liz realizes something's wrong.

Liz, Michael, and Isobel investigate Max's pod and what went wrong. Rosa finally comes clean that Max has been asking to stop Liz, and they realize Max himself is the one who shorted out the pod.

Maria visits Alex. She's still upset that all of her friends were lying to her, but since she dated Alex's ex she says they're even, and Alex says that's fair. She asks for his help getting into a laptop with a forgotten password.

Kyle and Liz discuss the situation with Max, and maybe it's time for Liz to say goodbye.

Michael and Isobel discuss what to do about Max, and Michael thinks it'll be Isobel's decision. She tells him that she was pregnant and it was a decision she had to make the decision on her own. She thinks it's inevitably Max's choice, not hers.

Act 2[]

On the roof of the Crashdown, Rosa and Liz talk. The handprint is still there, but fading.

Maria and Alex talk about Michael, and about Alex and Michael's history. He tells her about Michael changed in the summer of 2008, when Alex confronted Michael about his changed behavior and how he wasn't going to UNM anymore.

Liz visits Max to say goodbye, but she can't go through with it, and she walks out.

At Max's place, Isobel wants to talk to Max directly, and the handprint on Rosa is the only direct method to do that. So she knocks out Rosa.

Act 3[]

In her mindscape, Rosa attacks Isobel for knocking her out. Looking for Max, they follow the sound of music. They find a broken version of the Crashdown and Max is sitting in a booth. He tells Isobel that he can't take it anymore.

Michael works on a car. In 2008, Max suggests to Michael that they tell Isobel a different story. They fight and Michael walks out. In the present, Liz finds Michael attacking a car. She tells him that they're going through with the surgery.

Alex and Maria discover that Maria's mother's laptop's has cleared the browser history. Maria thought her mother just couldn't remember her password, but realizing her mother might not want Maria to see what she was doing, she doesn't want to invade her mother's privacy and asks Alex to stop.

Act 4[]

Michael continues working on Max's jeep and remembering. In the past, Isobel comes to Michael for help on their 21st birthday, because Max is fall-down drunk. Max tells Michael that "it has to be three" and shows Michael his new tattoo. He says that Michael needs to be with him and Isobel. In the present, Michael gets Max's jeep working. He tells Sanders what he did to fix the jeep and gets an idea, and he takes off. In his lab, he develops something to help with Max's surgery.

In the mindscape, Max tells Isobel that he thinks he'll come back as a monster after absorbing ten years of darkness when he resurrected Rosa. Isobel agrees to let Max die and leaves, but Max knows she's lying and he again asks Rosa to stop the others from bringing him back. Rosa wakes up locked in a closet where Isobel put her.

Isobel tells Liz why Max doesn't want to be brought back, and she intends to take the hit of dark energy Max lets off. She tells Liz to bring him back, and she'll handle the rest.

At the hospital, Alex has secured the operating room for "a highly classified VIP patient" so they can perform the surgery without being bothered. Liz and Kyle pull Max from the pod and begin the surgery. Kyle doubts that this will work, that Max will only survive a minute, but Liz says that a minute is all she needs.

Act 5[]

Michael arrives at the hospital with a piece of equipment to help with Max's weak heart. Liz and Kyle proceed with the surgery and they get a heartbeat. They hook up Michael's pacemaker. Max crashes. Rosa arrives, saying that Max begged her. Isobel goes into Max's mind as Liz and Kyle try to revive him.

Seeing how upset Liz is at losing Max, Rosa tells them to try the defibrillator one more time. As they do, she reaches over and uses her electromagnetic powers to help charge Max's heart. They get a heartbeat.

Act 6[]

At Max's place, Max is in a medically-induced coma in bed. Michael visits and talks with Liz. After Liz leaves, Michael begins talking to an unconscious Max. He tells him that if Max wakes up then they can be a family.

At the hospital, Alex sits with Kyle and they share a drink.

In a flashback, Michael goes to the tattoo parlor where Max got his 21st birthday tattoo. He has a design on a piece of paper that matches Max's tattoo, presumably to get one himself.

Maria visits Liz and takes her hand, showing that she's starting to forgive her. She asks about Isobel, and Liz tells her that Isobel is "getting ready."

Three weeks later, Max wakes up at the lab. He's angry that he's still alive and he attacks Isobel to get away. She stops him outside and confronts him, saying that she made a promise that she would kill him if she thought he was a danger to others.

Cast and characters[]



  • Nicholas Ballas as Sanders
  • Dylan Schombing as Max in 2002
  • Ava Wagenman as Isobel in 2002
  • Preston Oliver as Michael in 2002


  • Riley, picked up his repaired tractor from Sanders' Auto that morning



  • On April 14, 2020, Chris Mollere, the show's music supervisor tweeted out the list of songs used in this episode[1][2]
Song Performer Scene[3]
"Here and Now" Letters to Cleo Rosa paints on her and Liz's room wall when Liz returns after putting their father to bed; Rosa suggest to Liz that she move into Max's place and give her a chance to have her own space.
"Love Don't Live Here" Lady Antebellum In a flashback, Alex and Michael make out in the bed of Michael's truck when Alex brings up the subject of how Michael has changed since their encounter with his father.
"Falin" Cactus Groove TBD
"Big Thunder" James Talley TBD
"Keep You Safe" Lindsey Ray Liz and co. prepare by removing Max from Noah's pod then prep him for the surgery.
"With You Till The End" Tommee Profitt feat. Sam Tinnesz Isobel greets Michael with a hug; Michael shows Liz and Kyle the alien pacemaker he made for Max; Isobel watches Liz and Kyle before the surgery; Michael drinks in the lounge when Rosa arrives.
"First Day Of My life" Bright Eyes Liz and Kyle attempt to revive Max; Isobel races into Max's mind as he dies and embraces him, telling him he's not alone.
"Stars Are On Your Side" Ross Copperman Michael gives a speech to Max about the pacemaker as a gift for never giving up on him; Alex offers Kyle a drink; Maria & Rosa comfort Liz; Liz tells Rosa and Maria, Isobel is getting ready.


  • The episode is named after the song "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders, released in 1994.
  • On September 30, 2019 the fifth episode was revealed to be titled: I'll Stand By You.[4]
  • Production code is: T48.10205.
  • This is the first television episode written by Alanna Bennett.[5]
  • Showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie stated that the episode is "all about Michael Guerin" and that actor Michael Vlamis made her cry during rehearsal.[6]


Liz: "I'm sorry, who are you and what happened to 'how can you forgive the bastion of white male privilege?'"
Alex: "How does any straight man survive you?"
Maria: "They don't."
Liz: "Last year, a bullet tore my heart open and you put it back together. So when your heart needed repair, I believed I could fix it too."


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