Michael with his 'human donor's' granddaughter, Laurie

Isabel: "How did they know what we would look like?"
Michael: "Because we were designed"
―Book Of Destiny depicts[src]

Hybrids are genetically modified humans whose lives form the core of the drama of the WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Alien-human hybrids of the Royal Four were successfully created using DNA from both species. The process was aided by creatures known as the Gandarium. Two sets of hybrids were produced, one being a duplicate set. Hybrids physically resemble humans except for their blood cells, which are a different shape and have different colors at the microscopic level (their blood is still red at a human's normal visual scale).

Hybrids enjoy access to more of their brains than humans and thus have access to a wide range of psycho-physical powers that the vast majority of humans cannot use. It is a common misconception that it is the alien side of them that grants these powers, but their alien DNA simply provides access to powers that humans may one day unlock.

Hybrids are by definition different from Skins, which are biological constructs for alien conciousnesses; Shapeshifters, aliens who can assume human form but retain their internal biology; and abductees, humans whose bodies are temporarily taken over by alien minds.

Known hybrids

The "Pod Squad"

"The Dupes"