Heat Wave is the ninth episode of Season 1 on The WB sci-fi series Roswell.


A heat wave is scorching Roswell in December and the heat throws people together. Isabel decides to take it upon herself to check if Alex is a risk, Kyle seems to be moving on, while Maria and Michael seem to be heating up and Liz feels it's time to move forward.


When Liz spies Michael and Maria in a romantic tryst, she begins to wonder why it's okay for them to be together but not for her and Max. As Michael and Maria continue their passionate relationship, Liz begins to notice everyone around her has paired up including her former boyfriend, Kyle and even Sheriff Valenti who has begun to date Maria's mom, AMY DELUCA. Feeling her life is at a standstill, Liz confronts Max about moving their relationship forward. Max eventually asks Liz to meet him at a dance that's being held later in the week. Meanwhile, Valenti questions Alex about the sudden departure of Ms. Topolsky.

Isabel then decides to dreamwalk Alex in order to find out what Alex has told. In the dreamwalk, Isabel discovers Alex has romantic feelings for her. The next day at school, Isabel decides to invite Alex to the dance. At the dance, Maria pushes Michael to make some type of commitment. Not wanting to be emotionally involved, Michael backs away from Maria. A fire breaks out at the dance, bringing in Sheriff Valenti. Catching Liz and Alex with liquor, Valenti sees it as an opportunity to hold them in jail overnight hoping one of them will talk about his suspicions of Max. Liz realizes she must tell Alex the truth about the aliens, in order to save Max from Valenti. Not sure what to believe, Alex tells Liz that he believes she believes what she told him. Liz tells Alex she's through lying to him, and the two are trusted friends once again.

Cast and characters




  • Trevor Lissauer as Octavio
  • Jason Peck as Deputy Hanson
  • Yolanda Lloyd Delgado as Ms. Hardy
  • Meghan Gallagher as Vicky Delaney
  • Eamon Behrens as Metal
  • Fred Estrada as Juan
  • Jodi Taffel as Secretary


  • Liz writes in her journal on December 2nd.
  • Topolsky has "disappeared" from Roswell, following Alex and Liz discovering she was FBI in the previous episode.
  • Michael and Maria start hooking up, but Michael ends it as he's afraid he'll hurt Maria.
  • Isabel gets to know Alex and almost immediately feels she can trust him with her secret.
  • Liz and Max share their first kiss in this episode.



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