Healing is an alien power on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Demonstrated by Max, this ability can be used to completely heal both inflicted wounds, as well as illnesses (i.e. cancer). Inflicted wounds refers to cuts, brusies, bullet wounds etc. It should be known that if healing an individual with a bullet wound and whom still has the bullet inside them, this ability will dissolve the bullet and continue to heal the injured. 

In order for this ability to be used, the alien must have physical contact with the injured, which will evidently leave behind a silver hand printed onto the now healed individual. This silver handprint will however, fade away over time. 

Overuse of this ability can cause one to tire themselves out, as well as to temporaily weaken/lose their abilites. this was seen when Max Healed five children in Hospital and as a result began to pass out, as well as having loss his powers, which then resturned after a short amount of time.