Hank Gibbons is a character on the science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is friends with Wyatt Long and a regular at the Wild Pony.


Hank is a regular at the Wild Pony. He is friends with Wyatt Long and shares his racist ideologies, even helping him terrorize the Crashdown Cafe and beat up Arturo Ortecho. Due to his ideologies, Isobel Evans-Bracken once refers to him as "Mr. All-Lives-Matter,"[1] and Maria refers to him as "Racist Hank."



At the Wild Pony, Hank asks Maria to read his palm, and she tells him that he's going to marry Lindsay.[2] He and Lindsay see Liz Ortecho and Kyle Valenti hook up in the Wild Pony parking lot later that night.

When Max Evans and Jenna Cameron visit the Long Farm to question Wyatt about the shooting, Hank is there and stops Wyatt from saying too much. He laughs when Jenna shoots out Wyatt's mudflaps. He later helps Wyatt beat up Arturo Ortecho.

When Isobel needs to practice her telepathic powers, she goes to the Wild Pony and manipulates Hank. She gets him to do things out of character, such as order himself a raspberry cosmopolitan and a daiquiri, and make a $200 donation to the Friends of Immigrants Partnership and ask for additional literature be sent to him.[1]

Max and Cameron investigate the alien serial killer at the Wild Pony since several victims were there the night they died. Maria suggests that Hank might know more since he plays in a band on the nights the victims were there. He remembers one of the victims, but he was arrested that night on a drunker disorderly so he couldn't have been the one who killed her.[3]



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  • Played in a band at the Wild Pony.[3]



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