PDVD 053

The Gandarium Queen

The Gandarium are a non-sentient species that aid in the process of alien-human hybridization.


Larek describes them as "a genetically engineered lifeform designed to bridge the DNA and RNA resequencing during third stage amino acid synthesis". Harmless onboard the Royal Four's ship, the Gandarium became dangerous when released into the ecosystem. Gandarium infect human cells possessed of a rare genetic defect present in one in 50 million people on Earth. The infected then becomes a carrier for a universal virus, threatening both human and alien biologies.


The Gandarium Queen rises

Gandarium resemble blue crystals in their solid form, but can partially liquify into a blob-like substance capable of movement. The Gandarium function as a hive-mind controlled by a single Queen which coordinates their actions. About a meter in diameter and defying gravity, the bizarre-looking Queen resembles a collection of blue crystals sprouting a mass of tentacles.[1]


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