Force Field Projection is an alien power on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


This ability is unique to Max Evans. With it the user can project a green-tinted force field to protect themselves from harm. It has been shown to change in effect, one time projectiles hitting it and landing to the floor, another time a bullet bounced off of it, it also seemed to absorb the Skin's attacks. The force fields also seem to be strong against all attacks; none have penetrated the force field.

It is unknown if the shield can be broken (or 'shut down') by any means but it is assumed not as this has never been attempted. It has been used by Max many times ever since he first developed it. Max also seems to be able to choose the size of the shield as it has differed on times. It is also unknown if Max can can project force fields to other people without them being close to or near him.