"Genocide is the aliens' intent for us during a systematic invasion. They're perfectly designed to kill. It's coming. The question is whether or not we'll be ready."

Flint Manes is a recurring character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is one of Jesse Manes's four sons and Alex Manes's older brother. Flint is portrayed by Kiowa Gordon.


Flint seems to share his father's mission regarding aliens. He shows no moral issues with the aliens being tortured at Caulfield, and he defends creating a smart bomb that could commit genocide against an entire alien race. He is not bothered that bioweapons are banned by international treaty, claiming that "the U.N.'s jurisdiction ends at the ozone layer." He considers the aliens to be killers, and he has "the research to prove" that kills make the aliens stronger.

When his brother Alex breaks into Caulfield, Flint threatens him, telling Alex that he can't leave while placing a hand on his firearm.

Alex suspects that Flint is being blackmailed by their father in some way.[1]


Flint claims that when they were younger, he tried to protect Alex from their father's homophobic abuse, but Alex scoffs at this claim.[2]

Around 2013, Jesse Manes told Flint the truth about the 1947 UFO Crash.[3] At some point, Flint was stationed at Caulfield prison to help develop bioweapons against aliens. His cover while at Caulfield was that he was stationed in Munich.


When Alex, Kyle Valenti, and Michael Guerin go to investigate Caulfield prison, Alex realizes someone is coming and sends Kyle and Michael on without him. Alex disarms the soldier, and realizes it's Flint. Alex and Flint talk about Caulfield, and Alex claims that their father told him the family secret and he's there officially, but Flint realizes he's lying. Kyle joins them and informs Alex that they're keeping aliens prisoners there. An alarm goes off, and Flint tells them that they have ten minutes to get out of the building before it turns to dust, and he runs.[4]

Back in Roswell, Flint apologizes to his father for his failure at Caulfield, but his father isn't too concerned since the "specimens" weren't going to last much longer, their research was backed up, and the bomb prototype wasn't kept on the premises. Jesse tells him that he'll deal with Alex later, and he'll tie up loose ends, and Flint realizes he's talking about Kyle Valenti.[5]


Flint: "Once perfected, it'll be innocuous to humans, designed to kill aliens using their DNA against them."
Alex: "Bioweapons are banned by international treaty."
Flint: "The U.N.'s jurisdiction ends at the ozone layer."
Alex: "The jurisdiction on genocide?"
Flint: "Genocide is the aliens' intent for us during a systematic invasion. They're perfectly designed to kill. It's coming. The question is whether or not we'll be ready."
Alex: "I see you're just as committed to the cause as our old man."


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  • In the Roswell High books, Alex's brothers were named Robert, Harry, and Jesse.



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