"Genocide is the aliens' intent for us during a systematic invasion. They're perfectly designed to kill. It's coming. The question is whether or not we'll be ready."

Flint Manes is a recurring character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is one of Jesse Manes's four sons and Alex Manes's older brother. Flint is portrayed by Kiowa Gordon.

Character Edit

Flint seems to share his father's mission regarding aliens. He shows no moral issues with the aliens being tortured at Caulfield, and he defends creating a smart bomb that could commit genocide against an entire alien race. He is not bothered that bioweapons are banned by international treaty, claiming that "the U.N.'s jurisdiction ends at the ozone layer." He considers the aliens to be killers, and he has "the research to prove" that kills make the aliens stronger.

When his brother Alex breaks into Caulfield, Flint threatens him, telling Alex that he can't leave while placing a hand on his firearm.

Alex suspects that Flint is being blackmailed by their father in some way.[1]

History Edit

Flint claims that when they were younger, he tried to protect Alex from their father's homophobic abuse, but Alex scoffs at this claim.[2]

Around 2013, Jesse Manes told Flint the truth about the 1947 UFO Crash.[3] At some point, Flint was stationed at Caulfield prison to help develop bioweapons against aliens. His cover while at Caulfield was that he was stationed in Munich.

Plot Edit

1.12 Edit

When Alex, Kyle Valenti, and Michael Guerin go to investigate Caulfield prison, Alex realizes someone is coming and sends Kyle and Michael on without him. Alex disarms the soldier, and realizes it's Flint. Alex and Flint talk about Caulfield, and Alex claims that their father told him the family secret and he's there officially, but Flint realizes he's lying. Kyle joins them and informs Alex that they're keeping aliens prisoners there. An alarm goes off, and Flint tells them that they have ten minutes to get out of the building before it turns to dust, and he runs.[4]

1.13 Edit

Back in Roswell, Flint apologizes to his father for his failure at Caulfield, but his father isn't too concerned since the "specimens" weren't going to last much longer, their research was backed up, and the bomb prototype wasn't kept on the premises. Jesse tells him that he'll deal with Alex later, and he'll tie up loose ends, and Flint realizes he's talking about Kyle Valenti.[5]

2.01 Edit

Alex and Kyle attempt to take Noah's body from the morgue, but the man who works there informs them that someone else who looks like Alex has already taken it. Realizing that it's Flint, Alex calls him and asks him as his brother for the body, but Flint says no because he's taking it to Area 51 where he has clearance and Alex doesn't. Flint accuses Alex of doing something to their father and reminds him that "there's a chain of command in this family."

Alex calls Liz to tell her that they aren't going to be able to get the body from Area 51. Rosa, who is also listening, sees a van and realizes that they are currently on the only road in and out of town, meaning the only road that one could take to get from Roswell to Nevada. She remarks that she went to school with Flint and he was always a dick as she pulls the steering wheel and causes the two vehicles to crash.

Later, Flint wakes up and crawls out of the overturned van to see that the body is now missing.

2.02 Edit

Flint visits Jesse in the hospital and comments that people don't fall into random comas and accuses Alex and his friends of stealing Noah's body. Jesse states that that isn't important and asks Flint about the Caulfield cleanup. Flint informs him that everything went smoothly. Flint argues that the aliens should be exposed, but Jesse replies that it wouldn't be taken seriously by the public unless they made a bigger statement. Flint adds that "justice can't be served until after disaster has struck."

While Alex is watching Jesse through the hospital room window, Flint comes up behind him and comments that he didn't expect to see him here. Alex asks Flint what made him want to be like Jesse, and Flint asks Alex why he thinks Flint had a choice. Jesse begins seizing and Flint calls for help.

2.11 Edit

Flint meets with Jesse in some kind of abandoned building. Jesse immediately pulls a gun on him and asks what he did with Alex. Flint calls his bluff and assures him that Alex is safe, and then reveals that Jesse was the one who originally kidnapped Alex. Jesse demands that Flint hand Alex over, which Flint refuses because he now outranks Jesse. Jesse puts the gun under Flint's chin as Flint accuses him of going soft. Walking away, Flint says that his whole life has been about working on ways to fight the aliens, and that he doesn't need Jesse for this.

Michael follows Flint's car and slashes one of his tires using his telekinesis. They both step out of their cars and Michael uses his telekinesis again to disarm Flint and throw him against the side of the car, knocking him out.

Michael has Flint tied up and wakes him up using Flint's taser. Flint is shown to have the same fractal burn on his neck that Jenna and Max had, revealing Flint's taser to be the source of the burn on all three characters. Flint sarcastically tells Michael that he's doing a good job of convincing him that the aliens aren't violent threats. Michael tells Flint about what his plans for the future used to be before he was driven to violence by Jesse. He then remarks that there may still be hope for Flint, as evidenced by Greg and Alex having good lives. Flint calls Alex a traitor and says that he is going to be court martialled after all of this. He then tells Michael that he took Alex to get Michael to cooperate, and that Alex will die if Michael doesn't.

2.12 Edit

Charlie tells Michael that she's cooperating with Helena's plan because Flint has a sniper rifle pointed through Jenna's window.

After Michael finishes building the atomizer, he asks Helena why she lied to Flint about the weapon's true target. Helena says that she needed Flint for the schematics and the muscle, but she didn't need their agendas to align.

When Michael reunites with Alex, Alex mentions that his prosthetic was taken when he tried to bludgeon Flint with it.

Charlie asks Helena if Flint knows that they're going to destroy the alien bomb. Helena remarks that Jesse really broke Flint and that some people aren't meant to be parents. Then, she tells her that Flint's rifle shoots blanks.

Flint brings Alex takeout and tells him he'll be out of there tomorrow. Alex tells Flint that all of this isn't going to impress Jesse, but that isn't what Flint is trying to do. Flint says that ending Project Shepherd shows that Jesse is no longer fit to the task of fighting the aliens, and that he plans to take over as he has been trained to do. Flint turns to leave, but Alex calls him back and talks about how Flint used to tell stories with their grandfather on the Reservation. He asks Flint when he last made something that wasn't built to destroy, and Flint replies that it was when their mom left them. Alex says that she couldn't have known what their dad would do to them, and Flint claims Jesse didn't do anything to any of them except Alex and reveals that Greg is going to be at CrashCon. Flint tries to leave again and Alex calls him back again to say that all of them were abused by Jesse. Flint yells at him to shut up and shoves him back onto the mattress. He reiterates that the aliens are invaders. Alex knocks Flint out and takes the key to the handcuffs out of his jacket pocket.

Flint puts a gun to Charlie's head and takes the atomizer back from her.

At CrashCon, Flint compliments Helena's lipstick and asks her if she's there to seduce her next accomplice. Helena says Flint was supposed to stay at the house but Flint says that he cleaned up the mess there and that she should be thanking him.

Maria spots Flint walking around with the atomizer and Max goes after him. Max attempts to sneak up on Flint but Flint turns around and kicks him to the ground. He starts the two minute timer on the atomizer and throws it into the crowd. Max gets back up and chases him. Flint corners Max against a car and puts a gun to his chest. He states that since he came to kill aliens, he might as well start by shooting Max. When Max takes his gun and points it at him, Flint laughs and asks if Max is really going to shoot a soldier. Max throws the gun away and does the murder handprint thing until Flint drops to the ground, which Liz witnesses.

2.13 Edit

Kyle arrives just as Max is waking up while Flint is still unconscious. Max instructs Kyle to see if Flint is okay, to which Kyle angrily asks what Max did to him. Max doesn't answer, and Kyle and Rosa take Flint to the hospital.

After Max embraces Liz for disabling the console, Liz asks Max if Flint is dead. Again, Max doesn't answer.

Liz later remarks that based on the amount of time he wasn't breathing, Flint narrowly avoided brain damage.

At the Wild Pony, Kyle informs Alex that Flint is okay and will go on to become the next Jesse Manes. Alex responds that he isn't going to let that happen, and cites Kyle as an example of redemption being possible.

Quotes Edit

Flint:"Once perfected, it'll be innocuous to humans, designed to kill aliens using their DNA against them."
Alex:"Bioweapons are banned by international treaty."
Flint:"The U.N.'s jurisdiction ends at the ozone layer."
Alex:"The jurisdiction on genocide?"
Flint:"Genocide is the aliens' intent for us during a systematic invasion. They're perfectly designed to kill. It's coming. The question is whether or not we'll be ready."
Alex:"I see you're just as committed to the cause as our old man."

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Roswell High books, Alex's brothers were named Robert, Harry, and Jesse. None of Alex's brothers joined the Army; Harry and Robert joined the Air Force like their father, and Jesse joined the Marines.[6]
  • Flint has never shot anyone onscreen despite the fact that he has pointed a gun at Alex, Michael, Max and Charlie (the last three of whom he fully intended to kill and the last two of whom he had ample opportunity). Additionally, he seems to be relatively easy to disarm, as evidenced by Alex in 1.12 and Max in 2.12 both being able to take his gun from him very quickly.

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