Eva McKenna is an American television writer, and she works on the television series Roswell, New Mexico.


Prior to working on Roswell, New Mexico, McKenna co-wrote an episode for The Originals in 2018. She also worked as a production assistant on The Vampire Diaries, and as a production assistant, a showrunner's assistant, and a writer's assistant on The Originals.

McKenna met Carina Adly MacKenzie on the set of The Vampire Diaries and the two became good friends.[3][4] When MacKenzie's show Roswwell, New Mexico was picked up, she hired McKenna as one of the staff writers. McKenna is returning for season two.

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During the #WGAStaffingBoost on Twitter, McKenna described herself:[5]

I’m a writer who loves weird jokes & fucked-up characters & surprising, cathartic victories after all the fuck-ups. Sold a new media dark comedy pilot in 2017 & was staffed for the first time last year. Have tons of on-set experience & love being part of a team. #WGAStaffingBoost





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