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"What is DuPris doing here? Don’t they have laws about strange men wandering around talking to us children?"

Elsevan DuPris is an antagonist of the Roswell High book series. He runs the Astral Projector tabloid, which publishes absurd fake stories about aliens.


DuPris has blond hair that he usually wears "slicked back with a little too much gel."[1][2] He has green eyes,[3] and an "oily" smile.[1]

DuPris dresses eccentrically, typically in "a rumpled white suit with a lime green shirt, a white Panama hat, and white lace-up shoes, and he carried a walking stick with an ivory handle."[1][4][5][6]


DuPris speaks with a southern drawl, but it sounds obviously fake,[7][8][5] and Liz describes him as "sound[ing] like a Scarlett O’Hara wanna-be."[1] He comes off like a "buffoon,"[9][10] and Isabel thinks he's a "total wack job."[11] He gives Maria the creeps.[5]


On his home planet, DuPris stole one of the stones of midnight and stowed away on a ship. The crew discovered him on their way to earth, and they put him into a hibernation cylinder with the plan to turn him into authorities upon their return to their homeworld. Before they could return, he broke free, got the stone, and killed most of the crew. He tried to turn back to earth, but caused the ship to crash.[12] He survived and lived as a human in Roswell for the next fifty years.

At some point, he took the name Elsevan DuPris and became an alien conspiracy theorist and eccentric. He publishes the Astral Projector tabloid. By the late 90s, it's common for him to conduct polls for his publication, and he'll go around Ulysses F. Olsen High asking students for their responses for his polls.


When Liz Ortecho is shot and healed by Max Evans, she covers it up as a ketchup bottle breaking. But some witnesses tell DuPris that they think she was healed by a boy, and DuPris questions Liz about the incident. To cover for Max and to mess with DuPris, she concocts an absurd tale of "RosWool," a fabric made from sheep that graze on the site of the UFO crash, and it was the fabric that saved her life. DuPris suggests to her that if a person has the power to heal a gunshot wound, then that person must also have the power to harm.[1]

After Nikolas Branson uses his powers to flip the rival team's mascot during a football game, DuPris comes to the high school to ask students about the incident.[13] When he questions the group, he also mentions Isobel's miniature golf performance, which was also caused by Nikolas using powers.[14]

After Nikolas is killed at the mall, DuPris just happens to have an opinion poll asking, "If you were an alien and you went to our lovely shopping mall, what would you buy?" which reminds Isobel of the incident. To answer the poll, Alex suggests a crock-pot, and everyone agrees. Isobel wonders if DuPris knows about the incident, and Max tentatively agrees that he might know something.[15][16]

DuPris comes by the Crashdown Cafe doing another poll: "I believe there is a connection between a person’s ability to roll their tongue and alien inbreeding somewhere in their lineage. I thought it would be interesting to see if we have a greater number of people with this attribute in our fair town, for obvious reasons." But Liz tells him that they're closed, and he leaves.[17]

Adam is later mind-controlled into killing Sheriff Valenti and burning down the Project Clean Slate facility, and Adam is used to search Ray Iburg's apartment and the UFO museum. In a dream, the real Adam goes to Liz and tries to tell her, but he's stopped before he's able to do so. Adam is used to attack Isabel Evans, allowing Isabel to be mind-controlled as well.

DuPris's cover is revealed when the group goes to the cave where they find DuPris with Adam and Isabel. He's been after the Stone of Midnight, and with Adam and Isabel he was finally able to find it in their cave. Max connects with the collective consciousness, who are enraged at DuPris's betrayal, and they use Max to nearly kill DuPris. Max is able to stop them from controlling him to do this. He is able to take the Stone of Midnight back, but DuPris gets away with Adam and Isabel.

DuPris disguises himself as a man in his twenties, and he disguises Adam and Isabel like children, and they take a bus to Albuquerque. Cameron sees them, but she doesn't recognize them. Isabel is able to slip DuPris's control enough to hand Cameron her necklace, which Michael recognizes, allowing them to track down DuPris's location.

The group confronts DuPris with a plan to trade him the Stone of Midnight in return for Isabel and Adam, hoping the stone's bounty hunters will kill DuPris. The alternative is to do what the collective conscious wants, which is have Max open a wormhole and send DuPris to their homeworld, which would take so much power that Max could die in the process. Once DuPris trades for the stone, he takes control of all of them. The bounty hunters arrive, but they're on DuPris's side. Max is able to use the group's connection to transport them back to the UFO museum, but DuPris and the bounty hunters follow them back. As Max opens the wormhole, the rest of the group all shapeshifts into DuPris to trick the bounty hunters and stall them. DuPris and the bounty hunters are pulled into the wormhole, but when the group closes the wormhole and shifts back, they realize that it was actually Alex who was pulled in, and DuPris gets away.[18]


DuPris has not been adapted in either the 1999 Roswell television series or the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series.

The character Noah Bracken in Roswell, New Mexico has a few similarities to DuPris. Noah is also secretly a survivor of the 1947 UFO Crash who is exposed as an antagonist, and he mind controls Isobel and others. Noah tells the group that a stowaway caused the ship to crash, indicating that the stowaway is someone other than Noah, although the stowaway's identity wasn't revealed until later on in the series.


  • DuPris wears a pine-scented aftershave.[19]
  • Ray uses the name "Clyde" for him when telling the story of the crash to Max and Michael.[20]



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