Dreamwalking is an alien power on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Dreamwalking is an ability unique to Isabel Evans. With it, Isabel has the power to enter another person's dreams. Using a photograph to help her focus on her "target", Isabel slips into a deep sleep, awaking to find herself a conscious observer within her target's dream, this also works when the target is sedated as seen in "The White Room". Also Isabel has stated herself that she cannot control the dreams she enters, but eventually she may learn to. Isbel can decide to either observe the dream as an on looker or to interact with the individual.


Advanced Dreamwalking

Isabel achieved this when she entered the subconscious of Special Agent Pierce whilst he was still awake. This ability proved to be highly useful, allowing Isabel to obtain the whereabouts of Nasedo from Agent Pierces mind, without him knowing. Whilst performing this advanced ability, Isabel herself did not go into her usual deep sleep, this was again demonstrated when Isabel remained conscious whilst bringing two passengers into their young son's dream. This proves that neither her or her 'target' is required to be sleeping/sedated/unconscious.

Dream Passenger

Isabel has the skill to bring passengers into anothers dream. This was demonstrated twice, once when Kyle wished to enter a Models dream and another time, allowing two parents to communicate with their autistic son, in his dreams. This ability can also be described as astral/soul projection, as Isabel projects her 'passengers' conscious into that of her 'targets' sub-conscious. This ability also allows for limited dream manipulation, as the 'passengers' can also interact with the 'target' instead of just observing.

Dream Manipulation

Whilst having stated to not being able to control her 'targets' dream, Isabel has limited dream manipulation skills. This is demonstrated through Isabel being able to interact and communicate to her 'targets' whilst in their dream, Therefore changing the original structure and what would have naturaliy unfolded within the dream. This limited manipulation can also be performed by passengers within a dream, as seen when Kyle had interacted, flirted and grabbed a piece of cake within a playboy model's dream, and as a result manipulated/changed the models dream of excersice and diet, into an erotic dream.

Soul Projection

As Isabel 'dreamwalking' ability allows her consciousness to be projected into her 'targets' subconcious, over time Isabel will be able to Astral/Soul Project herself for either a certain individual/group/for all to see and interact with. In conjunction with this, Isabel is capable of astral/ soul projecting another individual. This was demonstrated with the aid and assistance of Liz (whom shared a bond and connection to Max, as a result of him healing Liz), Isabel was able to use this ability to send an astral projection of Liz to Max, in order to warn Max of the New York Royal Four. This highlights the strength of Isabel's abilities as this projection was sent on the other side of the country.


Isabel has also been shown to have had visions/flashes/preminitions, as a result of this ability. this was first demonstrated whilst Isabel was awake and would receive visions of a wounded Tess, asking for help. Unknown to Isabel Tess had been kidnapped and beaten, and once Isabel had found Tess, Tess had exhibited the exact wounds she had seen in her visions. These visions occured again whilst Isabel slept, and would dream of an unknown women being kidnapped and dragged into the woods. Due to this vision, Isabel, with the help of Max and Valenti, tracked down and saved the women.