Disturbing Behavior is the 13th episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Michael and Maria are watching the sheriff's station. Maria is also looking over the photo of Laurie's grandfather and guesses that he was the donor for Michael's human DNA. Duff is interrogating a silent Laurie.Laurie becomes agitated, believing someone is still after her, and Duff and Hanson have to restrain her. She is taken away in an ambulance bound for Pinecrest, with Michael and Maria following; Maria takes the opportunity to stipulate that this means she and Michael are dating again. Laurie gets free and forces the ambulance to stop. She is again scared to see Michael, but when a masked man starts shooting at them, she agrees to leave with him and Maria. Michael uses his powers to blow up their attacker's empty car.

Michael and Maria call Max and Isabel. Michael has used his powers to lock Laurie in the car. The news is full of information on Laurie's disappearance, meaning they can't come back to Roswell. Isabel suggests Max ask Liz for advice on the crystals but he is reluctant to involve her. Isabel tells Liz and Alex that they need to keep what Michael and Maria are up to secret. Sean overhears and, since Amy is worried about Maria's whereabouts, takes Liz to see her.

Kyle and Tess find Jim in his workshop making a baseball bat for Kyle. Sorenson is suing him for fifteen million dollars. Michael and Maria take Laurie to a roadside café. As both of them anticipated, she attempts to run off on cover of a bathroom break and they soon track her down. Maria tells Michael he needs to win Laurie's trust. Laurie realises he isn't her grandfather. Michael asks to meet him and Laurie says he is in Tucson.

Max falls asleep next to the crystal, which moves and surrounds his hand. He wakes up and seals it in a jar. Liz admits to Amy that Maria is with Michael. Amy forces her to stay there until Maria phones her, then delivers stark warnings to both Maria and Michael not to get into trouble of any kind. Liz and Sean get into a cushion fight which is interrupted by Max asking Liz for help.

Duff attempts to question Isabel about what she was doing with Valenti but is interrupted by Hanson and Sorenson; the latter found a gun in the woods. Later, Valenti goes to see Sorenson at his camp and tries to sort out the lawsuit amicably. Sorenson, suddenly deranged, attacks him. Valenti gets the upper hand, at which point Sorenson snaps back to normal and asks what he's doing.

Laurie takes Michael and Maria to her family's expensive house. The maid, Carmen, is shocked by Michael's appearance, as are her aunt and uncle, Bobby and Meredith. They reveal that Laurie's grandfather Charles is dead and assume that Michael is an illegitimate son of his. They show no interest in Michael and Maria's warning that someone is after Laurie or in the fact she has been in a mental institute. They end up giving Michael $50,000 and having him and Maria escorted off the estate by security. However, Michael is determined to keep his promise to protect Laurie.

Jim goes to see Duff and tells her he suspects Sorenson has a split personality and was Laurie's kidnapper, even though the gun he handed in was the kidnapper's. Duff is initially dismissive, but later learns that the gun and the oxygen tanks and plastic box used to imprison Laurie were all stolen when Sorenson was nearby. She tells Jim that if he helps her, she'll help him get his job back.

Liz helps Max and Isabel examine the crystal and suspects it's a parasite. It seemed to only be interested in either Laurie or the conditions in Frazier Woods. Isabel goes to see Sorenson, pretending they're meeting for the first time, and gets him to tell her about his work. She learns the wood has a high water table. Liz does research and learns the water courses lead right to Pohlman Ranch, meaning the crystal could have travelled there from their crash site.

When Brody interrupts them, Isabel recalls when he was possessed by an alien before and wonders if she can make a link through them. She convinces Brody she can use hypnotherapy to recover his memories. When she uses her powers, they are both thrown apart. Larek takes control of Brody but warns them the body isn't prepared. Max, Liz and Isabel ask him about the crystals, which he immediately identifies as the Gandarium, telling them the planet isn't safe and they need to get off it. Larek departs and the teens manage to revive Brody but have no idea what to do next.

To Be Continued...



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