Diego is a character in The CW 2019 television series Roswell, New Mexico. He is Liz Ortecho's former fiance whom she left in 2018. Diego is portrayed by Cleo Anthony.

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Diego and Liz were together while Liz worked on a research project in Denver, Colorado. After the funding was cut and her research ended, Liz realized that she was in love with the work and not with Diego. She packed up and left abruptly without telling him.

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When Isobel Evans-Bracken and Michael Guerin confront Liz about keeping their secret, Isobel brings up Diego as a question about whether Liz cares for anyone even Max Evans.[1]

Liz later tells Maria that she left her fiance in Denver three weeks earlier.[2]

Max later asks Liz about the worse thing she's ever done, and she tells him about leaving Diego.[3]

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Linger: Anger's not so bad. It reminds us something's not right and then we change it. And you are going to change everything. I'm so glad I get to stand beside you when I do.

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Diego appears in the following episodes:

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