Deep Sky is an organization in The CW series Roswell, New Mexico. It's a paramilitary group based in Los Alamos, and they are interested in Charlie Cameron's research.


Jenna Cameron learns from Jesse Manes that her sister Charlie was released from prison, Manes tells her that some people are interested in Charlie because of her research, and Charlie is probably hiding from them. He gives her the information to look into it, later revealed to be Deep Sky. Later that day, Jenna is taken and drugged by Deep Sky in order to lure out Charlie.

When Alex Manes and Maria DeLuca investigate her mother's disappearance, they meet Travis Gunther who wears a ring with an unusual symbol. Travis's twin brother Trevor mentions that Travis was part as part of a research & development experiment done by an unnamed paramilitary group.[1]

When Max Evans starts looking into Jenna's disappearance, he meets Charlie and they work together to find Jenna. Max speaks with Jesse Manes, who draws a symbol on a napkin for him. The organization reaches out to Charlie, and she gets proof that Jenna is alive. She hears enough over the phone for Max to realize where they're keeping Jenna. Charlie and Max are able to rescue Jenna.[2]

Forrest also wear a Deep Sky ring.[2][3]

Following her abduction by Deep Sky, Jenna has debilitating headaches, and Liz has more tests performed for her at the hospital. The headaches turn out to be spinal headaches, indicating that Deep Sky possibly gave Jenna a spinal tap. Her extended toxscreen results come back with an unfamiliar toxin: butyricol. Liz asks Diego to look into it, and he finds out that the toxin is a memory eraser drug. It was "developed by a private organization and purchased by the military for weaponization" and "it has no approved application outside of violent combat".[3]


No members have been explicitly introduced. It's possible that Charlie Cameron is now working with Deep Sky. Travis Gunther and Forrest both have some connection with Deep Sky as they wear the Deep Sky ring.




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