Daniel Pierce The main antagonist of season 1.

  • Head of the Special Unit of the FBI

Romantic Relationships:

Killed By

Pierce was recruited into the Special Unit of the FBI by the leader of the group at that time, Daniel Sommers. When Sommers was killed, the SU was taken over by John Stephens, but apparently Pierce wasn't impressed by Stephens' leadership because he staged a coup and put Stephens into custody and took over the unit.

He formed an alliance with the eager Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker, who was also looking for proof of aliens. The two had a relationship of sorts. Vanessa says that politics was the reason Pierce slept with her in the first place, and we never really know if their relationship went beyond that.

Pierce is known to be fanatical about protecting Earth from aliens, resorting to espionage, kidnapping, imprisonment, torture and murder. He is cruel even psychotic, taking pleasure in hurting those he thinks are involved or anyone who gets in his way or could be useful to him.

We don't know if there is any reason for his fanaticism, other than the death of his mentor, Daniel Sommers.

After Michael kills him, Max, Michael and Sheriff Valenti burn Pierce's body and bury him in the desert, 30 miles NE of Roswell near the Old Clovis Hwy.