Cry Your Name is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Alex is on the phone to Isabel in his room. With some direction from Liz and Maria, Alex tells her that he's too busy studying to meet her that night, although Isabel tells him she'll be at the Crashdown Cafe. As the girls are leaving, a delivery boy, Jerry, turns up with Indian food. Alex reacts with excessive distress to the fact that it has arrived cold.

Hanson calls Jim out to a road accident: There has been one fatality. Liz, Maria, Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess and Kyle are all at the Crashdown when Jim turns up and tells first Maria and then the others that there's been an accident. Alex is dead. The group head to the mortuary where Jim manages to distract the drivers of the van carrying Alex's body. Max slips into the van and tries to use his powers to revive Alex. It doesn't work.

Next morning, Kyle wakes up. Jim tells him to remember what happened happened the previous day, not that one...and wishes him happy birthday. Isabel is at the Crashdown when Alex comes in and tells her it was all a misunderstanding. Isabel tells him she's going to stay in Roswell because she can't bear to be apart from him. Then Diane wakes her. Isabel frets that Alex only went out because she called him. Diane wishes she had a special power to take her pain away. Isabel says powers don't help...and she needs to tell her something.

Michael has stayed overnight with Maria and Amy. Sean rings: He is in Albuquerque for a court appearance. Michael tells him what has happened and Sean asks him to look after his family. He also tries to ring Liz, as does Max. Nancy tells them Liz has gone out. In fact, Liz has gone to investigate the wreck of Alex's car. She finds the photo of Alex with Leanna but Alex's head has been cut off. She goes to school and shows the photo to Maria and Michael, convinced it proves something, but Maria is simply horrified that she went there.

While a memorial is held in the school grounds, Tess comforts Max, upset at having to touch Alex, in a quiet spot. Michael, Maria and Isabel join them; Maria is infuriated by the mourning of people who barely knew Alex. Kyle appears and says that Mr. Whitman has asked for him, Max and Michael to act as pall bearers; the others awkwardly agree. Isabel tells them about graduating early and that she's already told Diane she's going to college. Max and Michael say they'll talk later but Isabel insists it's her choice. Nearby, Jerry is boasting to a crowd about being the last person to see Alex alive. Liz overhears and accosts him, demanding he tell her anything he remembers.

Jim and Hanson interview the trucker who was driving the other vehicle. Despite Jim trying to suggest he was at fault, he insists Alex swerved in front of him and he had no way to avoid the collision. They continue their investigation at the school, talking to Jerry and some of the teachers. Liz goes to see Jim after school and shows him the photo. Jim says that the evidence is leaning towards Alex having committed suicide and his defacing his image reinforces it. Liz refuses to believe it.

Liz goes to see Max late at night and tells him the theory. Max is similarly incensed. They reminisce about Alex but things become tense when Liz reveals she saw Max kicking Tess. Meanwhile, Michael prepares a hot rum for Amy. She recognises that he loves Maria and says he's welcome at the house any time...on the couch. Isabel has another dream of Alex, who tells her that keeping him there isn't helping her.

Most of the residents gather for Alex's funeral, with Maria singing "Amazing Grace". As everyone else drives off, Max accosts Jim and demands he drop the suicide theory. Jim shows him the file on Alex's death. At the wake, Liz asks Mr Whitman if she can sit in Alex's room. Searching, she finds a concert ticket being used as a bookmark in a book of Robert Burns poetry.

When Max turns up, Liz calls everyone to a meeting in Alex's room and tells them the suicide theory. She thinks the concert ticket, which is for that night, disproves it. Most of the others refuse to believe it was suicide but, having seen the file, Max is uncertain. Michael tries to halt the argument by insisting they all believe it was an accident but Liz thinks otherwise: She believes Alex was murdered by an alien, perhaps because Kivar found out about him and Isabel. Max and Isabel are both incensed and an increasingly heated argument sees Liz saying Max doesn't want to accept that Alex's death was his fault. Max says they're leaving; Isabel and Tess follow him out, and Michael, who has stayed at Maria's side throughout, follows as well. Liz insists she's right before leaving also. Kyle notes that it seems to be "us versus them".

That night, Liz is alone at the Crashdown looking at photos of Alex. After having various flashbacks, she breaks down in tears. Jerry arrives and tells her that Alex's credit card payment was rejected: He signed the receipt with a string of 0s and 1s. He asks Liz what it means. Quoting the Robert Burns poem she read earlier, Liz says that she has promises to keep and miles to go before she sleeps.



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