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The Crashdown Cafe is a diner in The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. It is owned by Liz Ortecho's family.

It was previously named the Atomic Malt Shoppe.[5]

Plot overview[]

The Crashdown is a diner-style restaurant owned and operated by Liz's father, Arturo Ortecho. Liz and her sister, Rosa, worked at the restaurant as teenagers. The Ortecho family lives on the second floor above the restaurant.

After Rosa's death, the diner has been vandalized on the anniversary of her death.

In 2019, half of the diner ownership was still in Helena Ortecho's name, although she and Arturo had been separated for over ten years. Arturo reached out to her, asking her to sign her half of ownership over to Liz, so that Liz could sponsor Arturo's request for citizenship. Helena eventually did so, giving Liz ownership of her half of the diner.[6]


In 1947, it was called the Atomic Malt Shoppe. Roy Bronson would deliver produce from the Long farm. It's there that Roy met Walt Sanders and took him in. Later, Walt overheard Tripp Manes and Harlan Manes plan to raid the Long farm for Nora Truman and Louise.

By 1987, it had been renamed the Crashdown Cafe, and Arturo Ortecho was saving up to buy the place.

Theme and features[]

The diner is themed around the 1947 UFO crash. The wait staff wears green uniforms with head antennae. A crashing rocket is part of the diner sign. The diner features alien-themed and malt-shop style decorations, including a jukebox.


Monday through Wednesday: 7 AM - 6 PM

Thursday through Saturday: 6 AM - 9 PM

Sunday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Menu items[]

The diner serves a variety of alien-themed food, including:

  • Breakfast
    • U-F-Omelette[7]
    • Flying Saucer Cakes[7]
    • UnEGGsplained Breakfast Plate[7]
    • Cosmic Cakes[8]
    • Crashbrowns[8]
  • Lunch
    • The Crashdown Burger[7]
    • Krispy Crashdown Burger[7]
    • Chicken-of-the-Cosmos Tuna Melt[7]
    • Neptuna Melt[8]
    • Space tacos with flying sauce[9]
    • Vegan soy bean patty with solar slaw[10]
  • Dinner
    • Men in Blackened Salmon[7][1]
    • 2001 A Steak Odyssey with Galactic Gravy[7][2]
    • Pork Chop From Outer Space[7]
  • Sides
    • Scully's Sweet Potato Fries[7][1]
    • Futuristic Fries[7]
    • Alien Skins[7]
    • Crater Tots[8]
    • Saturn's Rings[11]
  • Drinks
    • Milk-y Way Shake[1]
    • Shatner Shake[7]
    • Little Green Man Shake[12] (mint[13])
    • Peanut Butter Blast-Off Shake[14][15]
  • Condiments
  • Other
    • Men in Blackout Special[2] (offered during the blackout)
    • Cakes, cupcakes, and pies.
    • U-F-Doughs, donuts (name/theme suggested by Isobel)[17]

The diner does not serve alcohol.[16]


  • Max's shake order is a Little Green Man shake with whipped cream and two cherries.[12]
  • In 2008, the Crashdown had stickers to "Vote '08" with the '08 in blue, indicating they were endorsing Obama.[12]
  • Every year since Rosa's death the café gets vandalized.
  • The Peanut Butter Blast-Off Shake is a homage to The Originals and Legacies.[15]



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