Control is the fifth episode of Season 3 on UPN sci-fi series Roswell.


Langley interrogates Max and, on realising he knows very little, tells two henchmen to put him on a plane. However, that night, Max turns up at a party at Langley's mansion and begins spinning a "film story" that is actually their situation to the guests. After everyone else has gone, Langley uses his powers to throw Max around but Max quickly realises Langley can't actually kill him and refuses to leave.

Isabel, Jesse and Diane meet with Windy Sommers, a wedding planner Diane has hired. Most of her ideas bear very little resemblance to what Isabel wants, while Diane is shocked that they are planning to marry in the spring. Isabel goes to see Liz and Maria and bemuses them by asking them to be bridesmaids at the wedding they didn't know was happening. Isabel also gets Maria to tell Michael, who is unhappy about the news despite Isabel saying she won't tell Jesse about them.

Langley tells Max that the air force re-assembled their ship but couldn't get it to work. Max is convinced that Langley can, however. He realises Langley has no sensation when a candle flame doesn't burn him. Langley says he has managed to get a few feelings by maintaining the same shape for fifty years so his organs can stabilise. He is happy with his life on Earth and has no interest in returning to Antar. He shows off an expensive phone he was given as a gift. Max says to give it to him and is surprised when Langley does so.

Liz is upset that Max hasn't got in touch with her in days, complaining to Maria. Diane turns up looking for Max's new number but Liz refuses to give it to her. Diane uses a pretext to go and see Isabel and get the number from her day planner. She then rings Max and tells him about the wedding. Langley tries to convince Max to go back to Roswell but Max has realised that Langley can't refuse a direct order from him and tells him to find the ship.

Langley visits an old contact in the military, General Edward Chambers, about getting a look at the "fake" ship they have on the base for research purposes. Chambers refuses to give him permission but Max forces Langley to admit that he knows where the ship is: There is only one hangar on the base large enough. Max rings Isabel and tries to order her not to marry Jesse but she ignores him.

Windy tells Isabel that Diane turned down a wedding date in April. Isabel retaliates by arranging the wedding for two weeks' time. Michael walks in on an argument between Isabel and Diane and later finds Isabel using her powers to destroy street lights in anger. She tells him that Michael's as much a brother to her as Max and his opinion mattered to her. Michael congratulates her on the engagement.

Max and Langley enter the hangar. Langley begs Max to abandon the idea, since he'll need to revert to his original form to pilot the ship, but Max orders him to do so. Langley boards the ship which starts to lift off (with Max ignoring a call from Liz as it does so) but quickly crashes, the damage being too great. Langley reverts to human form, his sensation gone, and Max helps him home. Langley tells him he hates him but also reminds him of how much he'd give up if he left Earth. Max goes to the Crashdown and breaks down in front of Liz, who comforts him.

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