"When faced with a true threat to your survival, trust can be your greatest comfort... and your greatest weakness. Do you trust your family? Do you trust your best friend? What about your own mind? Do you trust your own heart? Do you really trust the person you love most in the world? You shouldn't."

Champagne Supernova is the eleventh episode of the re-imagined series Roswell, New Mexico on The CW. It first aired on April 9, 2019.

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Official synopsis:[1]

NIGHT AT THE GALA — As the town prepares for the UFO Emporium Re-opening Gala, Liz and team find themselves on a collision course with an unlikely enemy.

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Opening: At the UFO Emporium Re-opening Gala, a series of disjointed events are shown as Liz narrates about trust and asks: "Do you really trust the person you love most in the world?"

Act 1: 12 hours earlier. At the Crashdown, Liz, Max, Michael, Isobel, and Noah discuss Isobel's returning memories, the fourth alien, and the murder victims. At the sheriff's department, Max and Jenna Cameron discuss the case when a clerk informs them that Wyatt Long is coming in with information. At their home, Noah asks Isobel to stop using her powers because it makes her sick and vulnerable. At the Crashdown, Michael runs into Maria. At the sheriff's department, Wyatt informs Max and Jenna that he saw the murder victim Carla fighting with Maria on the night she died. In his bunker at Sanders' Auto, Michael picks up his jacket and a smoke bomb goes off, making him pass out.

Act 2: At the sheriff's department, Max and Jenna agree they need to look into Maria. At home, Liz asks her father to look into citizenship. Outside the sheriff's department, Max is dressed for the gala when he's knocked out from behind. He later wakes in the bunker as Michael's trying to get out; they're locked in and the powder from the smoke bomb has left them powerless. Max tells Michael that they have a new suspect. At the gala, Maria encourages Liz to stay in Roswell and be with Max. Later, Isobel, Jenna, and Liz are wondering why Max isn't there yet, and Jenna tells them that Maria is a new suspect.

Act 3: Liz insists it can't be Maria and walks away. In the bunker, Michael insists it can't be Maria, and they finally start talking about the past. At the gala, Maria takes the serum from Liz's purse while Liz is in the restroom. Liz tells Isobel and Jenna about it, but it was a decoy serum, and they realize Maria's champagne was drugged and she's being possessed.

Act 4: In the bunker, Michael finally tells Max the truth about his hand injury, and he never let Max heal it to remind himself to avoid hope in the future. At the gala, Liz, Isobel, and Jenna find Maria passed out in one of the exhibits. Isobel can't reach Michael or Max, and Liz realizes where they might be that has no cell service. She goes to Sanders' Auto and gets Michael and Max out of the bunker. The three go to the gala, and Michael stays with Maria as the others go back out to the party to pretend like nothing happened. Maria finally wakes up, and Max asks her about the night she fought with Carla, and Maria tells him who Carla left with that night. Liz dances with her father, who tells her that Noah will help him through the process to citizenship, and that Noah helps others by volunteering on Ranchero night, and Liz realizes that Noah is a suspect.

Act 5: Liz and Max discuss the possibility that Noah is the fourth alien. Max dances with Isobel and asks her to look into Noah. Liz remembers getting Noah's blood on her when he was shot, so she leaves the gala to test his blood from her clothes that day. Isobel gets into Noah's mind and realizes he's the killer, but Noah takes control of her body.

Act 6: Controlled by Noah, Isobel tells Max that Noah is innocent and walks off. But then Liz calls Max and tells him that it is Noah, and Max runs after Isobel and confronts her. Isobel, still being controlled, attacks Max and Max won't fight back, but Jenna arrives and pulls a gun so Isobel runs off and gets into the car with Noah. Liz, hidden in the back seat, injects Noah with the serum and tries to run. Noah uses his powers to stop her and he tries to kill Liz, but his powers fail as her serum takes effect. Max knocks him out. Isobel regains consciousness and sees what's happened.

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  • Kenneth Ruthardt as the clerk at the sheriff's department

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  • Mind influence - Isobel goes into Noah's mind to question him.
  • Mind control - Noah controls Maria to steal the serum from Liz, and later to control Isobel to make Max think he's innocent.
  • Telekinesis - Noah stops Liz from running away and holds her in place.
  • Energy manipulation - Noah places his hand on Liz and attempts to kill her.

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  • The episode is named after the song "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis, released in 1996.

Quotes Edit

Max:"So, this gala tonight, would you be my date?"
Liz:"Unfortunately, I've already accepted another man's proposal for my company."
Max:"... ... ... Right! Your dad."
Liz:"This town cleans up well."
Arturo:"Como un lobo con piel de oveja. (Translation: Like a wolf in sheep's clothing.)"
Isobel:"If he doesn't pick up his phone soon, I'm gonna murder him. ... Too soon?"
Max:"Are you into her? 'Cause, here, I thought you were gay."
Michael:"Oh, we are literally aliens, and you're gonna hold me to some outdated binary of sexuality? I'm bisexual, Max."
Max:"You are my family, Michael. Everything that happens to you happens to me. Every beating, every burn, every damn heartbreak, you are never alone. We are trapped together in all sorts of ways."
Max:"So what's the real story?"
Michael:"I've told you."
Max:"No. You've said bar fight, you've said junkyard accident, you've said chupacabra. You've never told me the truth."
Michael:"Alex Manes's father. He caught us together. And he just snapped."
Maria:"You got to stop showing up for me like this, Guerin."
Michael:"Uh, I can go get Liz if you want me to leave."
Maria:"That's the problem. I never do."

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