Caulfield is a prison in The CW television series Roswell, New Mexico. Although it's allegedly been shut down since the 1970s, it has continued to be a prison for the captured survivors of the 1947 UFO Crash and a research facility for Project Shepherd.


Alex Manes and Kyle Valenti discover various references to Caulfield prison while looking into Project Shephered, so they and Michael Guerin visit the facility to check it out.

Alex runs into his brother Flint Manes and learns that they have been researching the alien survivors and are creating a bio-weapon against them. Michael and Kyle find the alien prisoners, and learn of Subject N-38, who causes violent rapid cancer in people he touches, and is the reason for the death of Jim Valenti.

When Michael tries to break his mother Nora from her cell, he accidentally triggers a self-destruct feature. Alex and Kyle attempt to grab as much information and hard drives, and Alex convinces Michael to leave. Caulfield is destroyed as they escape, killing the alien prisoners inside.[1]


  • The scenes for Caulfield were filmed at Old Main, a section of the New Mexico State Penitentiary.[2]


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