"If you’re a big fan of people who stare off into the distance angstily, holy moly, have I got the show for you. 👽👽👽 "
―Carina Adly MacKenzie on Instagram[4]

Carina Adly MacKenzie is an American television writer and producer. She is the creator of The CW science-fiction series Roswell, New Mexico, and she was co-showrunner with Christopher Hollier for season 1 and season 2.

On July 10, 2020, MacKenzie announced that she resigned from the series due to "fundamental differences".

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MacKenzie previously worked as a writer for The CW on TV shows The Originals (2014-2018), The Originals: Awakening (2014), and The Flash (2017). Part of MacKenzie's deal with Warner Bros. was that she would create a pilot.

Warner Bros. called MacKenzie and asked if she was interested in working on a Roswell reboot, and MacKenzie initially declined. Her friend and mentor Julie Plec suggested that MacKenzie pitch a version of the pilot that she would want to make, even if they probably wouldn't accept it. MacKenzie pitched the series to have the characters be adults, the main character be a woman of color, and to have the series be rooted in the modern political climate.[5] She "wanted to do a version that could only exist in ... 2017" at the time. The CW picked it up "at the table" when MacKenzie first pitched it.[6]

On October 12, 2017, MacKenzie was announced to be the writer and executive producer for a reboot of the 1999 TV series Roswell, based on the Roswell High novels.[7][8]

On July 10, 2020, MacKenzie announced on Twitter and Instagram that she was resigning.[9][10] Her resignation message posted to Instagram read:

A little Liz Ortecho 💄 armor felt appropriate this morning. Here goes...

This week, I made the difficult decision to resign from my role on Roswell, New Mexico. I obviously don’t take this decision lightly, but ultimately due to fundamental differences, I’m departing and entrusting RNM to capable hands. I’m so proud of what we built over the last two years, and I believe in the heart and soul of the show: asking tough questions, striving to make the world better, amplifying marginalized voices, and fighting the good fight.

This cast is exquisitely talented, and there’s no kinder or harder working crew in TV. I’ll be rooting for you guys (and of course continuing my nonprofit work to ease the burden the crew has experienced during the COVID-19 shutdown).

Because there’s a lot of nonsense getting spread around, let me make it clear this decision has nothing to do with any of the cast, crew, or writers. I love them in an epic forever handprints-on-my-soul kinda way. Finding Liz Ortecho with Jeanine has been a joy. I think any fan who joined us for a glass of wine on Instagram live during this shutdown knows there’s no “tension,” so I’m just gonna go back to texting with her about the home reno projects we’re both working on and roll my eyes at that boring attempt to pit women against each other. What year is it?

As for ~secret anonymous sources~ revealing that I wasn’t in the writer’s room as much as I’d have liked to be, TRUE TRUE TRUE. 😂 Shooting on location while writing in LA is so hard. Thank god for my co-showrunner/friend/partner/champion Chris Hollier; together we could be in two places at once.

Over the last few months, the team and I broke the Season 3 story together, I had talks with the actors about the season character journeys. I put my finishing touches on the season premiere this week. But this is a business, and there were fundamental disagreements about a couple of things that were and are very important to me.

Here’s to the happiest of endings. ❤️👽❤️

The same day, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that her relationship with Warner Bros. has been strained, in part due to her speaking out against ITV's cuts to the show:[11]

According to multiple insiders, the first-time showrunner's relationship with studio Warner Bros. Television had been strained for some time. One of the latest points of contention came late last month when MacKenzie, who created the soapy drama renewed for a third season in January, fired off a series of tweets. One source, in particular, says that Warner Bros. had to do "damage control" with a foreign distributor after MacKenzie accused ITV in the U.K. of homophobia, biphobia and bigotry for cutting selective sex scenes from her show.

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At the ATX TV Festival panel in June 2019:[12]

"I wanted to tell the story of these aliens coming to terms with who they are versus who people think they are."

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  • Michael is her favorite character to write.[13]
  • Counting Crows is her favorite band.[14] She also loves Third Eye Blind.[15][16][17][18][19]
  • For a "Which Roswell, New Mexico character are you?" Buzzfeed quiz, MacKenzie got Isobel Evans.[20]
  • Her favorite couple is Michael and Alex, but there's a new couple "coming up in season 3 that" she has her "fingers crossed will work."[21]
  • She didn't watch the original Roswell series as it aired, but she watched it in college, renting it "DVD by DVD".[22]

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