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"I'm the only one looking out for me."

Cameron Winger is a recurring character in the Roswell High book series. She befriends Michael Guerin and Adam when Sheriff Valenti brings her to the Project Clean Slate facility.


Cameron has red "short-as-an-army-guy" hair,[2][3] and brown eyes.[4][5] Her body type "tall and lean,"[6] and she's about 5' 10".[7]

Cameron has a tattoo on the back of her hand,[8] and a tattoo of a hummingbird low on her left shoulder.[9] She has a tattoo on her ankle that's meant to be a dragon, but "it looks more like a mutant piglet," and Cameron wants to get it removed.[10]

Cameron's aura is olive green.[11]


Being a runaway, Cameron is initially focused on self-preservation and her own self-interests, thinking, "I'm the only one looking out for me."[12] She agrees to help Sheriff Valenti by getting close to Michael, in return for Valenti not returning her to her parents, and she demands a large sum of money from him as well. She is skilled at lying enough to get Michael to trust her with the names of the other aliens in Roswell, and she swiftly informs Valenti with the intention of taking immediately off.

Cameron's loyalties shift after Valenti dies and because she's fallen in love with Michael. She risks her life to help them against Elsevan DuPris, and she tries to earn back Michael's trust.


Cameron ran away from home. She was picked up by Sheriff Valenti who convinces her to help him in return for not sending her back to her parents. Her parents have put up missing posters looking for her.[13]




Cameron has not been adapted in either the 1999 Roswell television series or the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series.

The character Jenna Cameron in Roswell, New Mexico has some similarities to Cameron. Like Cameron, Jenna is manipulated by the main anti-alien antagonist to work against her romantic interest (Max Evans instead of Michael Guerin), and she switches sides to help the protagonists. Jenna also has several tattoos including one of a bird on the back of her hand. Unlike Cameron, who doesn't want anything to do with her family, Jenna cares deeply for her sister.

In March 2021, show creator Carina Adly MacKenzie confirmed that Jenna was named after the book character Cameron, although MacKenzie mistakenly referred to Cameron as a guy.[14]



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