Brendan Fehr is a Canadian film and television actor who portrays Michael Guerin on the WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Portrayed Laboratory Tech Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami. Also played Dr. Drew Alister on the NBC drama The Night Shift and Lance Montgomery on Days of our Lives.

In 2008, he starred as Jake Stanton in the ABC mini-series Samurai Girl, and had a recurring role as the character Jared Booth on Bones. In 2011, Fehr played a businessman in A Christmas Kiss and the navigator of a U.S. warship in the movie X-Men First Class. He also guest-starred in two episodes of Nikita (TV series).

In 2008, Fehr won a Gemini Award for the "Hottest Canadian Male TV Star".

After the Roswell series, Fehr and co-star Majandra Delfino came up with the concept for a series called B+T or Baron + Toluca, which Delfino calls a "spiritual successor of Roswell". A short promotional video was released in 2016 to get a network to pick up the show. Entertainment Weekly describes the premise:[1]

Jake Baron (Fehr) and Toluca Mendez (Delfino), former teen actors from an alien sci-fi show. (Sound familiar?) The premise of B+T is that when reunited as adults, the two are forced to work together to solve a paranormal mystery in New Mexico that’s threatening to kill both of them. Just as Maria and Michael had a love-hate-love relationship, so do Baron and Toluca.

Despite several online campaigns to get a company such as Netflix to pick it up, the series has yet to make it to production.


  • After the announcement that a Roswell reboot was in the works, Fehr Tweeted showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie words of encouragement: "If I may, an unsolicited word... #Believe. Go kill it, Carina. P.S. My biggest beef with you doing this whole thing?Metallica>TaylorSwift"[2]

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