Blood Brother is the eighth episode of Season 1 on The WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Max ends up in hospital after a car accident, and as part of his treatment, the staff perform a routine blood test. With the FBI agents sniffing around, it's vital that the somebody pulls a switch, such that the blood they get is human. Now, where are they going to get some suitable human blood from? They get it from Alex, who finally takes a stand and tells off Liz.


Wanting to share a normal teenage moment, Max and Liz ditch school to take a drive on an old highway. Things take a turn for the worse when Max swerves to avoid a wild horse and crashes into a ditch. Liz is unhurt, but an unconscious Max is whisked to the hospital. Michael and Isabel rush in to see a nurse drawing Max's blood. The kids realize a simple blood test could jeopardize their cover as humans, and decide to turn to Alex for help. At school, Topolsky learns Max is in the hospital and instructs one of her agents to check out the situation. As Michael and an FBI Agent both race to snag Max's blood sample, Liz and Isabel draw a confused Alex's blood. Michael is successful in replacing Max's blood sample with Alex's. As he leaves, Michael notices a man in a suit looking at Max's chart. Now desperately wanting to tell Alex the truth about the aliens, Liz goes to Max who tells her involving Alex would not be a good idea. Unsatisfied with Liz's excuses, Alex jumps to the conclusion they are all involved in drugs.

After observing Alex's odd behavior at school, Topolsky fingers him as a suspect for replacing Max's blood. Through the use of drugs Topolsky is able to get a sample of Alex's blood in order to compare it with the blood she stole from the hospital. Meanwhile, the kids follow one of the men Michael saw at the hospital to his motel room. They break in looking for clues to his identity, and discover the man is called Morris and has Topolsky's phone number. The kids realize Topolsky is not a guidance counselor. Isabel tells Max she saw Alex talking with Topolsky at school. Max goes to Liz, who realizes she needs to contain Alex before Topolsky can crack him. Alex is soon caught between Topolsky and his friends. Alex decides to trust Liz, and the two forge a plan to turn the tables on Topolsky by exposing her as an FBI agent. Once exposed, Topolsky leaves Roswell with a warning to Liz that there will be others who will come to investigate Max. Alex tells Liz with their friendship on the line, he demands to know the truth about what has been going on. Alex is disappointed in Liz who won't reveal the truth.

Cast and characters




  • Hilary Shepard-Turner as Nurse Susan
  • Robert Neary as Moss
  • Richard Anthony Crenna as Agent Baxter
  • Victor Campos as Mr. Bruckner
  • Eric Jungmann as Lester
  • Joe Camareno as Paramedic
  • Paul "P.J." Palmer as Paramedic #2
  • Kevin Calisher as Bob
  • Zack Aaron as Heavy Metal Kid


  • The gang tails the guy following Max and Michael and discover that Topolsky is an FBI agent, with the help of Alex
  • Alex ends his friendship with Liz



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