Behind the Music is the eighth episode of Season 3 on UPN sci-fi series Roswell.


Liz shows Max the board she found at his father's office. Max is concerned at the idea of Philip investigating him, specifically Utah and the jeep he disposed of when he thought he was leaving, and tells Liz he needs the alien necklace he gave her back. Later, at the Crashdown, Liz fills in Maria. She is waiting the arrival of Billy Darden, a boy she kissed at band camp when she was thirteen who is going to be staying with her while her mother is away. Michael is unconcerned despite Kyle trying to tutor him in the concept of jealousy until Billy turns up, now a lot better looking than Maria remembered, and Michael involuntarily causes a box of eggs to explode. Max asks Michael for help, forcing him to cancel dinner plans with Maria and Billy.

Max and Michael take all the alien artefacts they can find out into the desert to bury them, although Michael failed to retrieve his healing stone which he left at Maria's. As they work, a mysterious man photographs them. Isabel and Jesse are moving into their new flat when she gets a phone call from Max. Isabel tries to assure him he has nothing to worry about but then Philip pops by unexpectedly and asks about what happened to Max's jeep. That evening, Isabel is making plans to have sex with Jesse in the bathroom to christen the house but is put off when she learns Philip asked Jesse about Max and Jesse said he thought Max was hiding something.

Billy helps Maria prepare a sauce for dinner. He is making plans to go to New York and play small venues in Greenwich Village. He is surprised and disappointed to learn that Maria no longer sings or writes songs, showing her photos of her from band camp. Next morning, he meets Michael who has come to retrieve the healing stone. Michael is concerned when Maria tells him Billy is still in town, having missed his bus, and again his powers activate involuntarily and damage the Crashdown kitchen. He later confides in Liz about his jealousy.

Max visits Philip and suggests they go fishing the next day. Philip agrees but after Max has gone he meets with the man who was following Max and Michael earlier. The photographs are unclear but the man, a private investigator, suspects Max got rid of the jeep to hide evidence of something. He has also discovered that Max last bought petrol for it just before Tess left town. Meanwhile, Maria is incensed when she comes home to find Billy playing Alex's guitar, snatching it off him. She later tells him the story: Alex's family insisted she take it but she hasn't been able to bring herself to play it and hasn't sung since the funeral. They sing together which Michael sees. He goes home and Max, concerned about Michael's powers still being out of whack while Philip is suspicious, tells him to sort it out.

Max and Philip share a fishing trip where Philip asks Max about the car; he claims to have sold it to a school friend who took it to college. Max tells Philip he knows he's investigating him and tries to get him to stop but Philip points out he saved him and Liz in Utah and still doesn't know what it was about. He then gets a phone call. Kyle calls Max to say Philip has ordered a tow truck from the garage: He has found the jeep. Max, Michael and Isabel watch as it is dragged out of the crater where they left it. Max knows Philip won't trust him but might trust Isabel.

Michael tells Maria that Billy bothers him and he wants her to get him to leave. Maria is unhappy but agrees. She goes home and tells Billy to leave, admitting it's because of Michael. Billy responds by kissing her. Maria confides in Liz who admits that their devotion to their boyfriends has caused them to sacrifice their own dreams. She has accepted it but warns Maria that she has to make sure she has as well.

Isabel, Jesse, Philip and Diane have dinner together. Isabel, as per Max's instructions, tells them that Max got Tess pregnant and he doesn't know what happened to the baby: He was so upset that the night she left town he drove his jeep off a cliff in a rage. Isabel rings Max to say that they bought it. In his office, Philip adds Isabel's picture to the conspirators group.

Maria says goodbye to Billy and makes half-hearted plans to meet up with him in New York later. He admits he'd been dreaming of her for a long time because she inspired him. Maria meets Michael in the park, where he has brought a bunch of flowers. She tells him she needs to break up with him: She's been focused on his life for so long she's forgotten who she is anymore and needs to find out.


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