"Those redneck idiots out there vote every year to strip my people away from our land, our rights, and our humanity. So, yeah, I play into their magical nubile savage fantasy for money. It's not my fault they're too stupid to see through it."

Arizona is a guest character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is a faith healer, and the alien symbol is part of the art she uses on her flyers.


Arizona works as a faith healer, but she can't actually heal and she thinks the "redneck idiots" who come to her are "too stupid to see through it."


As an indigenous woman, Arizona was presumably was born and raised on a reservation for an unspecified tribe. At some point, she began traveling the country as a faith healer. Her act of healing is inspired by an unnamed woman who lived on the reservation who could actually heal.


Max Evans searches for information on the alien symbol and a reverse image search pulls Arizona's flyer. He asks Michael Guerin to give him a ride so he can look into it. At the same time, Maria DeLuca is searching for a cure for her ailing mother and asks Liz Ortecho to go with her to visit the faith healer. The four meet up outside McLean, Texas to see Arizona.

At a demonstration, Arizona apparently heals an old man of his limp. She places her hand on his forehead and her hand glows red. The man is apparently healed.

Michael and Maria meet her for a private consultation. Michael asks her to heal his hand, that was damaged ten years before by Jesse Manes. Arizona says that it is a severe injury and it will cost them eight thousand dollars, which Michael doesn't have. When he calls her on it, she notes that the grease stains on his jeans means he's a mechanic, and he doesn't do that for free. Michael tells Max that she knew what he did for a living, so she quoted a price she knew he wouldn't be able to afford.

Michael uses his powers to undo the ties on her teepee, revealing that she is paying off the old man she apparently healed earlier, exposing her as a fraud. Max and Liz confront her, and Max flashes his badge and asks for information on the symbol on her flyer, but she doesn't know what it is from.

The following morning, Max returns to question her further. A woman with her, Chiana, tells Arizona to wait in the car, and Arizona does so. Chiana then tells Max about an unnamed healer who used to live on the reservation, which inspired both the sigil they use on the flyer and Arizona's healing act.

Powers and abilities

  • Acting: Arizona performs as a faith healer, but it's an act.
  • Arizona is able to recognize a persons's profession and/or economic status by their clothing.


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