Antar is the homeworld of the Royal Four in the WC science-fiction series Roswell. It is one of the Five Worlds and is located within the Whirlwind Galaxy.


Antar has three moons, the third of which is named Dimaras. Dimaras Rock is a geological formation named after the moon, and the place where King Zan first saw Queen Ava.[1] According to the renegade Skin known as Courtney Banks, time on Antar exists in multiple subset dimensions. Instead of blue water they have red water, which is thicker than Earth's water - it is more of a Jell-o texture. Their technology is superior to ours; they can make spaceships that fly across galaxies and galaxy clusters; they have advanced genetic research and they can clone different people; they can make sort of exo suits for the 'Skins' (Husks) to survive on different planets, such as Earth.They can take over human bodies while still remaining on their own planet(s).

They have made trithium amplification generators which disables one's powers and shoots out a wave which knocks all the aliens in the room off their feet - and they're capable of picking up alien signals from hundreds of miles away - even thousands.There are also communication orbs wich can contact their planet, though the alien guardian Nasedo said that you don't know who you might contact in the process. But instead they hear a message from the orbs, somewhat like an answering machine. There are also the healing stones - they can amplify your powers or heal but you take a risk with healing stones! They can draw you in & once you're trapped it's extremely hard to get out You have the red triangle, which blows up whilst hovering in mid-air. And, there is also the Granolith, which contains a huge amount of energy and is almost a religious symbol where it comes from. There are crystals that activate it. Finally, the metallic destiny book which isn't any technology, but has all of the information on the clones' predicted destinies, which are based on their previous lives.

On longevity - it appears that the aliens live fairly long lives, although we don't know exactly how long. Max and Isabel were probably at least in their twenties when he ruled. The Antarian-human clones are sent to Earth and take 40 years to reach maturity and 'hatch' and another 10 years to get into their teens. Max and Isabel's real mother expects to live to see her children return to her on their planet. She would probably have to be a minimum of 95 or 100 when they returned, if not older.
Also, Khivar expects Isabel to return with him and be with him romantically. Kind of creepy, a teen Isabel and a seventy year old Khivar, at least.
This has led some people to speculate that perhaps the aliens age more slowly than humans or live a lot longer. It is certainly possible, since we know so little about them.
I wondered if the aliens might be using their cloning technology to make young bodies for themselves when they started getting older. Or possibly they have developed a drug or a process that slowed or halted aging, or maybe they can use their powers to make themselves younger or slow aging. Anything is possible.


  • In the original Roswell High book series, the alien homeworld was not named.


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