Ann Evans is a character on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. She is the adoptive mother of Max and Isobel.



In 1997, Ann and her husband went to a group home intending to adopt one child, and they ended up adopting both Max and Isobel. The third child at the home, Michael, was drawing a symbol all over the walls at the time.


Max shows Ann the drawing of the alien symbol and asks if she recognizes it, and she recalls that the third child at the group home was drawing it when she went to adopt Max and Isobel.

When Isobel falls ill from the effects of Liz Ortecho's serum, Max prevents Ann from visiting her so she doesn't see how bad it is. While Isobel is kept in stasis in the pod, Max tells Ann that Isobel's in rehab.



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  • Ann attends a bridge club.

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