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Angels of the Silences is the tenth episode of season 3 of Roswell, New Mexico and the thirty-sixth episode of the series overall. It premiered on Monday, September 27, 2021 on The CW.


Official synopsis for Angels of the Silences from The CW:[1]

SINNERS AND SAVIORS – Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Max (Nathan Dean) race to find Heath (guest star Steven Krueger) in the hopes that he can help find a way to get Jones out of Max’s body. Meanwhile, Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) try to get through to Dallas (guest star Quentin Plair). The episode was directed by Laura Petzke and written by Danny Tolli & Onalee Hunter Hughes (#310). Original airdate 9/27/2021.

Plot summary[]

Act 1: TBA

Act 2: TBA

Act 3: TBA

Act 4: TBA

Act 5: TBA

Act 6: TBA

Cast and characters[]




  • Natalie Shields as student
  • Samuel David Goergen as 12-year-old Heath
  • Amir Henderson as 12-year-old Dallas



Telekinesis : Isobel use her telekinesis.


  • The title for the episode was revealed on May 27, 2021 when the writers room Twitter account posted an image of the script's title page.[2]
  • The episode is named after the song "Angels of the Silences" by Counting Crows, released in 1996.


Dallas: How'd you find me?

Michael: I spent a lot of time at the place that made me feel safe as a kid, too.

Dallas: Well, I wish you hadn't wasted your energy cuz I'm not going back with you.

Michael: I get it. I was an ass. My only excuse is that when I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at a mirror.

Dallas: Black and beautiful?

Michael: Something like that.

Isobel: Well, I'll just get him to open up after one of his sermons, I guess.

Kyle: He's a preacher?

Isobel: Oh, but he's like a cool preacher.

Kyle: He thinks his boss is in the sky, and you want to tell him he fell from it? It'll shatter his world view. Let me gather my files and we'll do it together. I mean maybe if we show him you have the same physiology, he'll be more inclined to trust you. Before you pull the existential rug out from under him.

Isobel: Right.

Michael to Isobel: You positive this guy doesn't know he's an alien? Cause I'm pretty sure he heard the brain tweet that I sent you back at the church.


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