This page is for the book series character. For the 2019 TV series character, see Alex Manes. For the 1999 TV series character, see Alex Whitman.

Alex Manes is a main character in the Roswell High book series. He is a high school senior,[1] and he learns about the existence of aliens from Maria DeLuca after Max Evans uses his powers to heal Liz Ortecho.


Alex has deep red hair and bright green eyes.[2][3] He has "a lean, sinewy body."[4]

Alex's aura color is orange, described variously as "sunny orange,"[5] "screaming orange,"[6] "bright orange,"[7] and "vivid orange."[8]


Alex is the youngest of four sons. His father is a major in the air force, and all of his older brothers have joined the service: Harry and Robert went into the air force, and Jesse went into the marines. Alex is expected to join the service as well, although he does not want to.

Alex is best friend with Liz Ortecho and Maria DeLuca. Maria informs Alex about the existence of aliens because she's scared. Their friendship group later expands to include Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin.

Alex becomes romantically involved with Isabel. After one date, Isabel begins seeing Nikolas Branson, who is murdered by Sheriff Valenti. Alex helps Isabel recover from the loss and trauma of seeing Nikolas killed, and they later rekindle their romance.


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For the 1999 Roswell television series, the character is renamed Alex Whitman and is portrayed by Colin Hanks. As in the books, Alex's main romantic interest is Isabel Evans. Unlike the books, Alex does not come from a military family and his father is unaware of aliens.

For the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series, Alex Manes is portrayed by Tyler Blackburn. Alex and the other main characters are all aged up ten years, although they still went to high school together, and Alex has become a decorated airman with the air force. Alex is gay in this adaptation and is involved with Michael Guerin, who is bisexual.


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