This page is for the 2019 TV series character. For the book series character, see Alex Manes (books). For the 1999 TV series character, see Alex Whitman.
"I wanted to be the kind of person who won battles. It felt good. But now I-I look in the mirror, and I-I don't even see myself sometimes. I see my father. I'm still fighting his battles. Not mine."

Alex Manes is one of the main characters on The CW science fiction series Roswell, New Mexico. He is a military veteran who suffers from physical and psychological trauma. In order to live up to his father's expectations, Alex must give up on the man he loves and their future together. Alex is portrayed by Tyler Blackburn.



Alex and Kyle Valenti used to be friends, but they grew apart when Alex's sexuality started to become apparent.[1] In high school, Alex and Michael Guerin were involved.[2]

Alex later joined the air force and was deployed three times to Iraq. He lost part of his leg and now wears a prosthetic, and he received a purple heart for his service. When he returned to Roswell, he was celebrated as a war hero.

Alex's father Jesse Manes was a "homophobic, abusive dick." Before Jim Valenti died, he left Alex his cabin, since Jim knew that Alex would need a safe place to stay away from his father.[1]


  • Military Training: Alex has gone through military training.
  • Computer Hacking: Alex has knowledge of hacking and codebreaking through his military career claiming feats such as hacking into Russia and Chinese intelligence.  



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"We're not kids anymore. What I want doesn't matter." — Alex to Michael in Pilot.



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