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Adam is a character in the Roswell High book series. He is an alien who was raised in a secret Project Clean Slate facility.


Adam has light brown hair and pale green eyes.

From Michael's point of view:[3]

He looked more like the kind of guy who’d always gotten his lunch money stolen – almost no muscles, I-spend-my-days-hunched-over-a-computer pale, light brown hair cut into dorky bangs, and wide pale green eyes. The kind of guy that might make certain girls go aww, but not much of an intimidator.

Adam's aura color is yellow.[4][5]


Despite being about the same age as the others, Adam seems young for his age. Since he hasn't been raised with anyone else his own age, he is socially underdeveloped.

After initially leaving the confines of Project Clean Slate, Adam has symptoms of agoraphobia, a fear of wide open spaces. But he steadily adapts and gets more comfortable going outside.

After being essentially alone in the Project Clean Slate compound, Adam doesn't want to be alone again. He wants to go to school with his friends, but he can't enroll because it would bring questions about his origins, so he once disguises himself as Max and Liz gives him a tour. Despite the obvious problems Max has being connected to the collective consciousness, Adam thinks it wouldn't be so bad because you'd never be alone.


After Ray Iburg survived the spaceship crash in 1947, he made several trips to move the children's pods from the crash site to a safe place, but he was unable to move Adam's pod before humans arrived. After Adam came out of his pod decades later, he was raised in a secret Project Clean Slate facility. Sheriff Valenti acted as a father figure to manipulate him, and Adam calls him "daddy."


When Max Evans starts to go through his akino, he needs the communication stones held on the alien spaceship or he'll die. Max's friends break into the Project Clean Slate compound, and Michael is captured.

Michael is the first other alien who Adam ever meets. Shortly after Michael is captured, a girl named Cameron Winger is also brought to the facility. The three are subjected to tests of their abilities. Adam uses his powers to connect with Michael, and Michael later convinces Adam to use the powers on Sheriff Valenti. Adam does so, and he realizes that Valenti is a bad person who doesn't care for him. Michael comes up with an escape plan, but they're only able to get Adam out of the facility before Michael and Cameron are caught again. Despite Adam feeling immensely overwhelmed by the wide open spaces, he follows Michael's instructions and eventually finds the Evans's house.

The group helps Adam adapt to life outside the facility, and he notably takes a liking to Liz Ortecho.

Adam and Max go out to the desert to practice their powers, and Adam nearly kills a rabbit while smiling, which deeply concerns Max. The group returns to Project Clean Slate with Adam in an attempt to rescue Michael. Adam tells Max that he's leading them to Michael's cell, but he instead goes straight to Valenti's office. Adam uses his powers to kill Valenti, leaving behind only ash, and he again smiles as he does so. He then turns on Max, but Max is able to defend himself. Adam runs off, setting the whole facility on fire, nearly killing everyone inside it. The group, Michael, and Cameron all get out in time. The last to make it out is Adam, who collapses.[6]

The group then disagrees on what to do about Adam. After seeing what Adam's done, Max considers Adam a threat.[7] They keep Adam hidden, and for a while he stays in a shed in Liz's backyard. It's later revealed that Adam was being controlled by Elsevan DuPris, who later also takes control of Isabel, as he is looking for the Stone of Midnight. The group helps Adam break DuPris's control, and Adam helps the team try to defeat DuPris, but DuPris gets away.

After it's clear that Adam wasn't at fault for what happened, he fully befriends the group. Michael inherits Ray Iburg's UFO museum and his apartment, and Adam moves in with Michael and helps out there.

When Isabel goes through her akino, she and Michael take off so she won't be forced to connect to the collective consciousness. Worried that she'll die, Adam and the group go after her. Michael takes Isabel to Trevor and DuPris to help her get through the akino without making the connection, which is where the group find them. DuPris criticizes the collective consciousness, and to display how cruel the consciousness can be, he casually kills Adam with the Stone of Midnight.[8] This results in Trevor finally turning on DuPris. He teams up with Michael and the others, and Trevor kills DuPris with the Stone of Midnight.[9]

The group buries Adam in the desert, wrapped in a flower sheet chosen by Liz. He's buried with several items: Alex includes a picture of the group; Maria pours in aromatherapy oils that represent the group's connection; Isabel includes a small plastic sun; Michael includes a toaster, since Alex liked making toast; and Liz includes a snow globe of the Empire State Building, since they'd planned to take a road trip there together.[10]


  • Adam doesn't have a birthday, as one was never celebrated for him at the Project Clean Slate compound. Maria suggests that he seems like a Pisces, so he picks the date March 16th.[1]


Adam has not been adapted in either the 1999 Roswell television series or the 2019 Roswell, New Mexico television series.


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