"Oh my God! You're kidnapping me! No, wait, you're abducting me!"
―Maria to Michael

285 South is the 6th episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Acting impulsively, Michael heads south in search of the geodesic dome (building) he saw in a vision. Maria is an initially unwilling travelling companion, although they earn some grudging, mutual respect during the trip. Pretty much all the major characters end up heading south on Highway 285, in hot pursuit.


Michael breaks into the UFO Centre, trying to get information on Anderson. However, he is disturbed first by Milton and then by Owen Blackwood and arrested. Next day at school, teacher Steve Somers assigns the class the task of using a questionnaire to find out about a classmate. Liz is paired with Isabel, Max with Kyle and Maria with the absent Michael. In fact, Somers has been asked to do the assignment and partner them up in that manner by Topolsky. Max is called to the sheriff's office; Michael has explained that he is a friend of Max's and claimed he went to pick up some research material for him. Max backs up the story and Milton and Owen release him. Later, Michael shows Max and Isabel what he is found: Anderson's house, which he has been getting visions of, is in Marathon, Texas. However, Max and Isabel refuse to help him investigate.

Maria tracks Michael down to ask him her questions. He is initially dismissive, but on realising she has a car he agrees to answer her questions if she gives him a lift. When they stop at a petrol station to make a delivery, Michael tries to steal the car. Maria jumps into the passenger seat and Michael keeps driving. At the Crashdown Cafe, Liz/Isabel and Max/Kyle are awkwardly attempting the questionnaires. Maria surreptitiously phones Liz and tells her they're on Route 285 South. Liz and Isabel grab Max and they head outside, with Kyle following. Liz insists on going with them. The group are observed departing by Baxter, who contacts Topolsky: She tells him to follow them. Michael and Maria are pulled over by a highway patrol for speeding. Michael manages to convince Maria how important it is to him to get answer about where he came from and she tells the patrolman they were speeding because she needs the toilet. Valenti returns home and finds out from Kyle about Max, Liz and Isabel's speedy departure. To Kyle's frustration, he immediately goes out again. Valenti puts out a call to look out for the trio and hears from the patrolman who encountered Michael and Maria.

Liz calls her mother and says she's going to be staying over at Maria's. Later, the trio stop at a mini-market where Isabel accidentally causes Liz to spill coffee over herself. Liz tells Isabel she isn't trying to take Max away from her and asks if Isabel would take him away from her. Isabel uses her powers to dry the coffee stain on Liz's jumper. Max sees Baxter pretending to make a phone call from a box nearby and uses his powers to put his car out of action. However, the trio are now also being followed by Kyle.

Michael and Maria's car breaks down and Michael is unable to use his powers to repair it. After briefly considering sleeping in the car, they check into a nearby motel, with Michael sleeping on the floor. They continue discussing the questionnaire and establish that both dreamed of their fathers coming back for them. Nearby, Liz, Max and Isabel have been forced to stop, since the road was closed due to an accident. They see Maria's car outside the motel and go to their room, where they find the pair in a compromising position after Maria rolls out of bed on top of Michael. An argument is halted by the arrival of Kyle, who wants to know what they're up to. An angry Michael sends him flying and Liz tells him to leave. Kyle does so, disgusted with her. Liz demands that she and Maria are told the whole story. The aliens tell them about stealing the key from Valenti's office and the visions Michael had of Anderson's house. They agree to help.

Next morning, the five teens drive to the dome. Michael is frustrated when the key fails to open it. Max opens the door with his powers, suggesting the key might unlock something inside. Michael tries to get a vision from the key: When Maria stands next to him, he realises it opens a trap door. The group descend into a cellar full of Anderson's research. Before they can examine it further however, Valenti enters the house above them...and then Topolsky arrives and knocks him out.


Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker
Jason Behr as Max Evans
Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca
Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans
Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman
Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin
Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti
William Sadler as Sheriff Valenti


  • This episode ends with the first "to be continued..." of the series.